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VCGVirtual Concatenation Group (optical networking)
VCGVereinigung Clubfreier Golfspieler (German golf club)
VCGVirtual Concatenation Group
VCGVideo Conference to Streaming Gateway
VCGVirtual Container Group
VCGVoice Corba Gateway
VCGVector Cardiogram
VCGVietnam Coast Guard
VCGVenture Capital Gesellschaften (German: Venture Capital Firms)
VCGVickrey-Clarke-Groves (auction theory)
VCGVertical Center of Gravity
VCGVoiding Cystourethrography
VCGValue Creation Group (various locations)
VCGVenice Consulting Group (Venice, California)
VCGVirtual Coordination Group (US DoD)
VCGVideo Clock Generator
VCGIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
VCGVolunteer Consulting Group, Inc (New York, NY)
VCGVapor Crystal Growth
VCGVehicle Crash Group
VCGVideo Coding Group
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The second half of the book considers the design of games which incentivize players to reach a desired outcome, introducing the Gale-Shapley algorithm for finding a stable matching, ArrowAEs impossibility theorem, the revenue equivalence theorem, and the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves mechanism.
To this end, the authors propose the revenue sharing method sharing revenue among the partners with the aid of the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) tools.
(6.) The theorems are usually formulated in terms of public goods problems, in which case the mechanism is called the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves mechanism, after Vickrey (1961).