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VDVenereal Disease
VDVaud (Waadt; Swiss Canton)
VDVampire Diaries (TV show)
VDValentine's Day
VDVaginal Discharge
VDVascular Dementia
VDValvular Disease
VDVoluntary Disclosure (trade)
VDVapor Density
VDVerkställande Direktör
VDVertical Deflection
VDVolunteer (Officers') Decoration
VDVery Difficult (rock climbing grade)
VDVertical Distance (airdrop computations)
VDVenn Diagram
VDVentral Dorsal (radiography)
VDVertical Descent
VDVoltage Drop
VDVenus Doom (music album)
VDValue Date
VDVolume of Distribution
VDVarious Dates
VDPhysiologic Dead Space
VDVeterinary Doctor
VDVideo Disc
VDVirtual Directory
VDVeterans Day (holiday)
VDVoodoo Doll
VDVehicle Detail
VDVon Dutch
VDVoluntary Departure (US immigration law)
VDVisual Designer (for PowerBasic)
VDValue Drugs
VDVentriculo Derecho (Spanish: Right Ventricle)
VDVom Dienst (German: in charge)
VDVote Democratic
VDPhotographic Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1943 to 1946)
VDVolume Damper (HVAC drawings)
VDVlade Divac (basketball player)
VDViolent Delight (band)
VDVariability-Distortion (curve)
VDVeak and Dizzy (emergency room non-urgent complaint)
VDHeading to a DME Distance
VDViterbi Detector
VDVisite Décennale (French: Defects Visit; nuclear power plant outage)
VDVir Devotus (Latin: Devout Man, epigraphy)
VDVoroni Diagram
VDVivens Dedit (Latin: He Gave When Alive, epigraphy)
VDVirgins In Denial (band)
VDVan Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog (philatelic catalog)
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Three were excluded because English was not their primary language; however, these patients received the instructional video disc. Three did not complete the three questionnaires in their entirety, and these were not included in the analysis.
To test DVD, USA Today selected two devices from one of the industry's leaders, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Indianapolis, Ind.: the RCA RC5500P Digital Video Disc Player and RV3798 Five-Channel Dolby Pro Logic Surround Audio/Video Receiver.
Many DVD proponents -- retailers and suppliers -- fear that Divx could hurt DVD by confusing consumers about video discs and causing them to delay purchases.
1990 photography issue) utilizes video disc technology to rapidly sort of browse through image files - either by browsing images, which are identified on a text screen, or through a text screen search that brings up the corresponding images.
To put the shine back on its tarnished technological image, RCA shifted its emphasis back to the familiar ground of consumer electronics with the video disc system.
Finally, a new and exciting format is that of the Digital Video Disc (DVD).
CRIME 3 A VIDEO disc player and a Nokia mobile phone were stolen from Vision 2K nightclub in Queen Street, Cardiff, while the manager was out putting up posters at 12.10pm on Monday, December 3.
The PlayStation2, richly equipped with a 128-bit CPU, Internet capability, and a digital video disc (DVD) player, will be sold at 39,800 yen - around pounds 230 - each.
Wild Things (Columbia TriStar, digital video disc, $29.99) is part noirish crime drama, part sexual smorgasbord, including the coupling of Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.
The acronym originally stood for Digital Video Disc, emphasizing the video aspect of the gadget.
Consumer electronics retailers reacted coolly to last week's disclosure of the new video disc format Divx, saying the pay-per-view disc could confuse consumers and curtail growth of the nascent DVD industry.