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VFWVeterans of Foreign Wars
VFWVideo For Windows (Microsoft)
VFWVirtual Firewall
VFWVideo for Windows
VFWVereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (German aerospace company)
VFWVirtual Fighter Wing (US Air Force)
VFWVertical Flow Wetland
VFWVolney F. Warner & Associates (McLean, VA)
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The file formats, however, follow industry standards, such as Quicktime and Video for Windows.
Video for Windows is both an architecture and a retail product sold to endusers.
Because Click & Create uses helper applications for displaying video clips, the helper applications QuickTime (a 16- and 32-bit version)and Video for Windows (16-bit) are included with Click & Create.
The Windows edition was the first commercial product to incorporate Microsoft's Video for Windows technology.
Those involved in multimedia rely increasingly on digital media--clip art, sound files, digital images, animation and QuickTime or Video for Windows movies to name a few.
In addition to "how-to" multimedia demonstration software, Toshiba will preinstall MS-DOS 6.22 and user selectable Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or Windows 3.11, Video for Windows RunTime with Indeo, ESS, magiCDisc, Fnesse, and other performance enhancing Toshiba utility programs on the Satellite Pro T21150CD Series.
The Mac device boasts full QuickTime support; the DOS card has Windows drivers and supports Microsoft's Video for Windows (VfW).
The 6.9-pound T4850CT comes standard with MS-DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows Sound System 1.1, Indeo Video 3.2, Run Time Video for Windows 1.1 and the Fn-esse utility.
Other enhancements to this version are analog and digital video integration for including QuickTime and Microsoft Video for Windows files, integrated support for native Macromedia Director movies, and extended text handling with a powerful Search and Replace engine.