VIETVisveswaraya Institute of Engineering Technology
VIETVena Iliaca External Thrombosis
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Bucking the trend, Viet Nam earned more from the export of tobacco, tea, and cloth, Quang said.
Bao Viet Fund, an insurance company, has sold 425,000 shares of Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company (Pha Lai Thermal) (PPC.
HSBC Holdings had bought a 10 percent stake in Bao Viet Insurance & Finance in 2007 for USD255m.
Viet Nam ranks fourth worldwide after Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia in rubber exports, but the ministry believes it can increase both the quality and number of rubber exports.
Vice President of the Viet Nam Coffee-Cocoa Association (Vicofa) Doan Trieu Nhan said that prolonged drought has caused a sharp reduction in coffee supply by Viet Nam and Brazil.
We congratulate the Government of Viet Nam on achieving this critical goal for children and women, [which] demonstrates that life-saving vaccines can be delivered to the poorest and most marginalized communities,' said Anupama Rao Singh, Regional Director of UNICEF for East Asia and the Pacific.
At the time of the firefight, Schroeder was in a helicopter hovering above the engagement: "Pittman jumped down the bank and sprayed the area with his M16, killing two more [Communist Viet Cong].
Consider the spelling of Viet Nam and the title of the war itself.
As the result of that integration effort, the movement of exchange of with the rest of the world and the participation of foreign capital and know-how in Viet Nam has accelerated to new heights ever since.
The junior, Viet, takes a conservative approach to his style and demeanor and will perhaps turn on some rock music before a race.
Yet instead of rounding out his service in the relative safety of the Gridley, Kerry volunteered to command one of the little boats called Swifts, and so went face-to-face with the Viet Cong.
Hanoi and HCM City have performed kidney transplants since the late 1990s, said Truong Van Viet, director of the Cho Ray Hospital.