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VMVirtual Memory
VMVoice Mail
VMVoice Message
VMVirtual Machine
VMVietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)
VMVeronica Mars (television show)
VMVirgin Mobile
VMVeterinary Medicine
VMVirtual Museum
VMVisual Merchandising
VMViggo Mortensen (actor)
VMVolunteer Minister (Scientology)
VMValtiovarainministeriö (Finnish: Ministry of Finance;Helsinki)
VMVegetation Management
VMVersion Manager
VMVending Machine
VMVideo Monitor
VMVerification Model
VMValue Management
VMVendor Management
VMVisual Media
VMView Mail (Emacs)
VMVehicle Maintenance
VMVocal Music
VMVagina Monologues
VMVastus Medialis (human muscle)
VMVocal Majority
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VMVolatile Matter
VMVirtual Manufacturing
VMVIBE Magazine
VMVaccinium Macrocarpon (American Cranberry)
VMValley Metro (AZ, public transit system)
VMVelocity Management
VMVelocity Meter
VMVentilation Mécanique (French: Mechanical Ventilation)
VMVirtual Manipulatives (mathematics education)
VMVoice Modulation
VMVertical Multiplier (NIOSH)
VMVariable Metric
VMVenturi Mask (oxygen delivery)
VMVecinos Mundiales (Spanish; World-wide Neighbors)
VMVerifiable Multilateration (security mechanism)
VMVirtual Madness
VMVivamos Mejor (Let Us Live Better; Guatemalan agency)
VMVorigen Monats (German: last month)
VMVirus Manifesto (website)
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Visa-Vietnam, the legitimated online Vietnam visa booking agency offers "Visa on arrival Vietnam " in an easiest, fastest, cheapest and reliable way to get visas without any hassle.
Ho Chi Minh, the Communist and nationalist leader of the Vietminh independence movement, whose forces had defeated the French, wanted to turn all of Vietnam into a Communist state.
The United States first established diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1995, and a bilateral trade agreement signed by the two countries in 2000 opened the door to increasing economic and industrial development in Vietnam.
While these trips are a bit pricier than typical stays in Vietnam tourist dollars are sorely needed by these remote villages and contribute to important improvements in health and environmental conditions.
THE VIETNAM WAR IS A SENSITIVE topic, particularly in Vietnam, Suba says, but he hopes that his foundation's work is helping to promote reconciliation between the cultures in its own way.
The 1954 Geneva peace conference divides Vietnam at the 17th parallel (line of latitude) until nationwide elections can be held in 1956.
Welch in August 1965 may be surprising to those old enough to remember the JBS's subsequent cooperation with the great patriotic actor--and Vietnam War supporter--John Wayne.
Despite high black casualties in the early Vietnam years, a whiter casualty list was the last thing on the Pentagon's mind.
The CPF was an organization comprised primarily of lay people, and their activities during the Vietnam War changed not only the organization's members, but traditional relationships between parishioners and pastors, as well as lay people and bishops.
It seems clear that the United States was already headed for fiscal trouble before Vietnam had really heated up.
Cameron's interest in Vietnam isn't purely professional; his father, taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, was listed as missing in action.