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VGVery Good
VGVideo Game
VGVerwaltungsgericht (German: Administrative Court)
VGVerdens Gang
VGVirgin Islands (British) (ISO country code, top level domain)
VGVector Graphics
VGVolume Group (logical partition of a hard disks or disk array)
VGVideo Guide
VGVacation Guide (various locations)
VGVoltage Gain
VGViscosity Grade (lubrication)
VGVoice Grade
VGVertical Gyro
VGVirtual Goods
VGVacuum Gauge
VGVanguard Saga of Heroes (gaming)
VGVicar General (religious)
VGVolume Graphics (computer graphics)
VGVariable Geometry
VGVortex Generator (aviation/aerospace)
VGVoice Gateway
VGVoice Gateway (Cisco)
VGVisible Gold (mineral exploration)
VGVarsity Girls (various schools)
VGViewer's Guide
VGValue Global
VGVertical Grain
VGVelocity Group
VGGate Voltage
VGView Graph
VGVerdict Guilty
VGVoter's Guide
VGVillain Group (supergroup type of the game City of Villains)
VGLight Transport Plane (US Navy)
VGVital Gaming (gaming community)
VGGround Velocity
VGVictory Gundam (anime)
VGVerbi Gratia (Latin: For Example)
VGVirum Gymnasium
VGVereniging Golfkarton (sector organization of the Dutch corrugated board industry)
VGVraie Grandeur
VGVesicula Germinativa (Portugese)
VGVariable Geometric
VGVertical (Edge) Grain (lumber industry)
VGVital Grandin Catholic School
VGVacation Grant
VGVariable Geometry Rotor
VGVirtual Ginza
VGVibration Greatness
VGVandeveer Garzia, PC (Law Firm Troy, MI)
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He started his presentation with the view graph of RDT&E funding history and outlook from 1960 to 1995, shown in Figure 6.
Public health minister Gillian Merron launched the "alcohol tracker", which is available from iTunes and It allows drinkers to input how much they are consuming and view graphs of whether they are sticking to recommended units, which are three to four a day for a man and two to three for a woman.
Management can then view graphs of energy consumption, mix, and costs, as well as C[O.sub.2] footprint, when considering changes to energy use and costs.
Students' limited understanding of graphs, on the other hand, often lead them to view graphs as static snapshots--there's little one can do to change a snapshot and allow hidden features to emerge.
The CD-ROM, new to this edition, contains PowerPoint view graphs of lecture notes, interactive questions for review, animations and applets for most of the chapters based on Java, and MATLAB programs.
Scientists and researchers can now perform mass-spectrometry data analysis, perform statistical inference and prediction, view graphs, and conduct enhanced genomic and proteomic sequence analysis.
Typical applications include tests and class notes, technical reports, view graphs, research papers, dissertations, or even entire books.
The financial people would come into each meeting with a new set of view graphs, and all the operations people would be saying: what are they going to present today?