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"A View From The Bridge" will be available from all major digital streaming platforms and digital music stores, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Bandcamp and iTunes from Friday, the 22nd of February 2019.
He said: "I'm a big Arthur Miller fan, I grew up watching plays All My Sons, The Crucible and A View From The Bridge was something I read about 10 years ago.
Michael Brandon said: "It's a great privilege to play Alfieri in A View From The Bridge as he speaks for Arthur Miller in the play.
Well directed by Stephen Unwin, with an impressive set which perfectly fits the atmosphere of the play, A View From the Bridge runs to Saturday.
Arthur Miller's 1954 New York fable A View From the Bridge - written during the tail end of the McCarthy witch-hunts and as he began to fall in love with Marilyn Monroe, is one of the heavyweights of 20th century American theatre.
? A View From the Bridge is at the Playhouse from March 27 to April 19.
to do but it TICKETS A View From The Bridge, Royal Exchange, Manchester, until June 25.
Johansson bagged a coveted Tony Award last year (10) for her Broadway debut in 'A View From The Bridge'.
NEW YORK: Actress Scarlett Johansson will make her Broadway debut starring in a revival of American playwright Arthur Miller s drama "A View from the Bridge," the show s organizers said on Monday.
Other plays will include August Wilson's "Fences," Arthur Miller's "A View From the Bridge," Julie Marie Myatt's new "Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter," and Luis Alfaro's comedy, "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner."
Theory of mind and the triad of perspectives on autism and Asperger syndrome; a view from the bridge.
Perhaps his most prolific partnership was with composer William Bolcom, with whom Weinstein produced four volumes of cabaret songs; the antiwar satire Dynamite Tonight at the Actors Studio in 1964; and the opera of A View from the Bridge, written with Miller, which played at the Metropolitan Opera in 2002, among many other works.