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His article is titled, "Religion in Public Schools: A View from the Trenches." To read it, search for the journal online.
"This was a rare view from the trenches, not from the officers, and it is not surprising it became a bestseller."
Having reached a crescendo in terms of hype, the dust is finally settling in and we have a more realistic view from the trenches now.
Its president, Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, organized one session (439: German in the Life of the University: Responding to the 2007 MLA Report); Katherine Arens of the Editorial Board and AATG's Executive Director Helene Zimmer-Loew organized two additional sections (one under the aegis of AATG as a competitive session, 130: German in Hard Times in the Life of the University, and one as an independent special session, 7: German in the Life of the University: A View from the Trenches).
1; "The Cesarean Section: A View From the Trenches," p.
Auckland, New Zealand, August 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Full-service PR consultancy TextWrite aims to deliver a view from the trenches with its new PRBlog, a take on the "exciting, dynamic and frequently quirky world" of New Zealand public relations.
Fitzpatrick, "The Collapse of American Public Diplomacy: What Diplomatic Experts Say About Rebuilding America's Image in the World--A View from the Trenches", Hamden CT: Quinnipiac University 2008, http://www.publicdiplomacy.org/Fitzpatrick2008.pdf (accessed March 2010)
Reality Check: A Common Sense Guide to Breaking into the Music Industry (An Insider's View from the Trenches).
We have also gathered a small arsenal of advice from content management experts to provide high-level insight to complement a tactical view from the trenches.
of New Jersey) represents the "great men" approach, looking at the role of national leaders in advancing civil rights, while Payne (African American studies and history, Duke U.) concentrates more on the "view from the trenches." Each essay is accompanied by a selection of primary documents in support of the views presented.
Hellman, The View from the Trenches: A Report on the Breakout Sessions at the 2005 National Conference on Appellate Justice.
But this view from the trenches is a story we know pretty well by now.