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VWAVoedsel en Waren Autoriteit (Dutch: Food and Goods Authority)
VWAVictorian Workcover Authority (Victoria, Australia)
VWAVentana Wilderness Alliance (est. 1998; Santa Cruz, CA)
VWAVengroff, Williams and Associates, Inc. (est. 1963)
VWAVictim Witness Advocate
VWAVirtual Wrestling Association
VWAView with Alarm
VWAVuil Water Afvoer (Dutch: Dirty Water Disposal)
VWAVehicle Wash Agent
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Although in the United States we view with alarm the efforts of Holocaust deniers to repudiate the Holocaust, there is a different, but not necessarily less provocative, understanding of the Shoah by some of the volume's contributors.
Officials responsible for the protection of this sensitive environment view with alarm the proliferation of development and pollution associated with such heightened human presence.
For decades, Washington has been steadily absorbing police powers from the states, a development constitutionalists properly view with alarm. As Bovard points out, the growing prison population abets that same nationalizing trend: "prisoners become tokens redeemable for extra federal aid for housing, road building, environmental concerns, and social spending....
But conservatives and liberals alike should view with alarm the attorney general's recent low-key but systematic assault on this nation's cherished traditions of protest and civil disobedience.
The Times is sometimes inclined to stonewall when questions arise about its reporting--a stance the paper would no doubt view with alarm if engaged in by, say, a government official.
In a joint statement, they said: 'We view with alarm and regret the contents of the report of the Commission for Health Improvement.
Yet although her core argument is interesting, her research impeccable, her theoretical sophistication state-of-the art this is a work which most readers of this journal, and certainly rigorous "annalistes" everywhere should view with alarm.
"I view with alarm the prospect of Scotland becoming an independent Socialist republic.
Newspapers suffer when blue-sky managers fill pages with softer news easily gathered in the hours off deadline: Peritioners view with alarm, flacks point with pride, bureaucrats issue reports, politicos snip ribbons and backstab opponents.