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VGVery Good
VGVideo Game
VGVerwaltungsgericht (German: Administrative Court)
VGVerdens Gang
VGVirgin Islands (British) (ISO country code, top level domain)
VGVector Graphics
VGVolume Group (logical partition of a hard disks or disk array)
VGVideo Guide
VGVacation Guide (various locations)
VGVoltage Gain
VGViscosity Grade (lubrication)
VGVoice Grade
VGVertical Gyro
VGVirtual Goods
VGVacuum Gauge
VGVanguard Saga of Heroes (gaming)
VGVicar General (religious)
VGVolume Graphics (computer graphics)
VGVariable Geometry
VGVortex Generator (aviation/aerospace)
VGVoice Gateway
VGVoice Gateway (Cisco)
VGVisible Gold (mineral exploration)
VGVarsity Girls (various schools)
VGViewer's Guide
VGValue Global
VGVertical Grain
VGVelocity Group
VGGate Voltage
VGView Graph
VGVerdict Guilty
VGVoter's Guide
VGVillain Group (supergroup type of the game City of Villains)
VGLight Transport Plane (US Navy)
VGVital Gaming (gaming community)
VGGround Velocity
VGVictory Gundam (anime)
VGVerbi Gratia (Latin: For Example)
VGVirum Gymnasium
VGVereniging Golfkarton (sector organization of the Dutch corrugated board industry)
VGVraie Grandeur
VGVesicula Germinativa (Portugese)
VGVariable Geometric
VGVertical (Edge) Grain (lumber industry)
VGVital Grandin Catholic School
VGVacation Grant
VGVariable Geometry Rotor
VGVirtual Ginza
VGVibration Greatness
VGVandeveer Garzia, PC (Law Firm Troy, MI)
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"It's so much more powerful than a 14-page viewer's guide," he said, adding that he sought different formats for different audiences.
The following information provided by the CPD, describes the general format of the debates, provides a viewer's guide, and offers teaching tips.
Since it's hard to go anywhere without going somewhere, some religious cultures play tricks with the destination, as John Stratton Hawley writes in the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly 2002 viewer's guide: "The routes followed by some travelers as they approach Braj in North India or Shikoku in Japan are circular, not linear." In India, Hawley continues, tradition encourages pilgrims to become "renunciatory wanderers." That is, they completely abandon the identities that bind them to settled households--brand as fiction the social conventions that constitute ordinary human life." This is a variation on the theme that we have not here a lasting city.
The video includes a viewer's guide as well as a continuing education monograph.
This videotape and viewer's guide kit is designed for use in a teachers' study group that is part of a comprehensive professional development plan.
When the candidates face each other in TV debates, this viewer's guide will help you tell a foul from a field goal
This is a fully revised version of The BBC Viewer's Guide to Parliament, first published when television cameras were allowed into the Commons.
31 will receive a complementary one-year subscription to Satellite Choice magazine, a monthly viewer's guide to satellite programming; a $50 certificate toward the purchase of any Sony Maximum Television home entertainment component valued at more than $300, and a $20 certificate redeemable for U.S.
Wrinklyvision is a viewer's guide to granny TV, telling how TV shows for old people are big business in America.
Macintosh users many call (800) 800-6912 to request a viewer's guide for their local area.
In Control[R] includes a 2-hour video cassette (105 minutes total viewing), a 124-page viewer's guide, and an audiocassette featuring relaxation techniques.
Bonus features include a 16-page viewer's guide and profiles of notable women of the west.