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Her versatility was apparent on her cover of The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society but it was the rediscovery of her own songwriting wings that was particularly pleasing.
I like to hear a particular slice of time and know where a band were when they recorded an album - 'This is where The Kinks were when they brought out Village Green Preservation Society.' "Man in a Suit is very much about where I am at the moment."
And, for all the jauntiness DLM's finest moments come on the tender, melancholic tracks such as Flatten The Hay, on the eponymous debut album, and The Umpire, an homage to bygone eras through the eyes of a referee that, in just a few lines, evokes all the wistful longing of The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society.
"We had 'The Village Green Preservation Society" 'Waterloo Sunset,' 'Sunny Afternoon,' 'Dead End Street.' ...
Together, though, they have made a record which sits alongside The Kinks' We Are the Village Green Preservation Society, The Small Faces' Ogden Nut Gone Flake and more latterly, Blur's Parklife in the great English pop tradition, even featuring guest appearances by Stephen Fry (Judd's Paradox), Daniel Radcliffe (Third Man) and legendary commentator Henry Blofeld (It's Just Not Cricket).
Garry: The Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks.
All around the country, old ladies found themselves being helped across busy roads (whether they wanted to cross them or not) and bowler hatted City gents twirled their rolled up black umbrellas and doled out fivers to anyone passing, while police sirens on inner-city street corners stopped emitting their shrill hoodie-scaring skree in favour of The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society LP.
Very Village Green Preservation Society Kinks, very bowl haircut and very good indeed.
"So I thought I'd be brave and take the plunge!" Kate, who recorded The Village Green Preservation Society as the theme tune for the series Jam and Jerusalem, co-written by Jennifer Saunders, has chosen to take her 'inspiration' on a UK tour which includes Birmingham Town Hall on March 18.
Kenwood House Concerts schedule on June 27) it offers exhilarating versions of classics like Days and Waterloo Sunset plus a six-song suite drawn from 1968's Village Green Preservation Society - arguably the crowning glory of one of Britain's greatest-ever rock writers.
We've got just the song for them once their campaign hits its stride - The Village Green Preservation Society, first recorded by The Kinks in 1968, but most recently sung by folk queen Kate Rusby.
We could have picnics and sit in deckchairs, look at the sea, daydream and takes stroll and do things that make people happy and join The Village Green Preservation Society.
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