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Proteins (50 [micro]g) were loaded in 4-12% Tris-Bis gradient gels, and then blots were probed with anti-t-ERK, t-ERK, p-P38, t-P38, p-JNK, t-JNK, and vinculin antibodies.
Janssen et al., "Novel role for vinculin in ventricular myocyte mechanics and dysfunction," Biophysical Journal, vol.
Different proteins are involved and are necessary for focal adhesion, like focal adhesion kinase (FAK), talin, vinculin, and paxilin, linking receptors with the cytoskeleton.
Another abnormal spinal neural tube phenotype is a wavy spinal neural tube that occurs in the WASP null mouse and the Vinculin null mouse [102, 103].
In animal model of MI, silencing of miR-34 family attenuates MI-induced pathological left ventricular remodeling after MI and improves cardiac function by suppressing vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), vinculin, protein Ofucosyltransferase 1 (Pofut1), Notch1, and semaphorin 4B (Sema4b) [172].
In order to propagate intracellular signaling cascades, integrins need to connect actin cytoskeleton by recruiting a small repertoire of linker proteins such as paxillin, talin, vinculin, and a-actinin [55, 56] as the short cytoplasmic tails of these multi-subunit proteins lack actin-binding capacity [57], the only exception being integrin [beta]4, which has ~1000 amino acids in its cytoplasmic tail (compared to that of a typical integrin j subunit, which is less than 75 amino acids long) and connects to the keratin cytoskeleton specifically [58].
According to the cited authors, degradation of cytoskeletal proteins (desmin, talin, and vinculin) reduces the connections between the myofibrils and the sarcolemma, and between the myofibrils, which are involved in the transmission of longitudinal and lateral shrinkage of the myofibrils to the entire muscle cell during rigor mortis.
Proteomics after CBZ treatment also revealed the alteration of A2M (FC up to 3.44 at D7) and vinculin (FC up to 13.58 at D21), proteins involved in junctions.
MiR-21 suppressed the levels of components in cell-cell interactions through targeting YOD1 and vinculin (VCL), which are two components related to the regulation of cell-cell connections and cardiac function.
CDT toxin may destroy the interstitial cell of Cajal by stimulating the production of autoantibodies against a cytoskeletal protein known as vinculin. The antigen-antibody complexes between antivinculin antibodies and cytolytic distending toxin lead to autoimmune destruction of ICC.
Mouse anti-human vinculin, TRITC-conjugated goat antirat IgG, and FITC-conjugated donkey anti-mouse IgG were purchased from Jackson (Immune Research Laboratories, USA) and rhodamine-conjugated phalloidin, COL-I, and human plasma FN were purchased from Sigma (USA).