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VLSVertical Launch System
VLSVirtual Linux Station
VLSVersata Logic Server
VLSVariable Length Structure
VLSVirtual Library Systems
VLSVideo Lan Server
VLSVirtual Lan Link State
VLSVulvar Lichen Sclerosus (dermatosis)
VLSVirtual Library System
VLSVinyl Single
VLSVascular Leak Syndrome (medical disorder)
VLSVirtual Learning Space
VLSVery Long Shot
VLSVélos en Libre Service (French: free bicycling service)
VLSFraunhofer-Verbund Life Sciences (Germany)
VLSValk Last Slot (Rubik's Cube)
VLSVariable Load Space (forestry vehicle)
VLSVolunteer Life Saving Corps
VLSVodka, Lime and Soda
VLSVertical Lay System (subsea production wells)
VLSVictory Lane Speedway (Canada)
VLSVandenberg Launch and Landing Site
VLSVehicle Lease and Service Limited (UK)
VLSVariable Low Speed
VLSValley Library Consortium (Saginaw, Michigan)
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|THE SUNSET SOUND MIXES, previously available earlier this year as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single, boasts both a stripped down version of Friends, along with Rock And Roll.
While Pauline Black wrote on her Twitter page, "I was unpacking the Selecter's new 7" vinyl single "Back to Black" when I heard of Amy's passing.
THERE were huge queues outside independent record shops yesterday as a limited edition vinyl single released by Blur went on sale.
The five-piece established their reputation with the 2004 self-produced vinyl single Graffiti/Going Missing.
It was Lodge Lane, Liverpool 8, and there I bought my first ever vinyl single - Don Mc Lean'sVincent .
Co-founder Chris Jelly says: "We released a limited edition seven-inch vinyl single called Money Gone at the start of the year.
Proby's single, Hold Me which came out in 1964, was the first vinyl single I bought, but after that he went more into ballads, like I Apologise, Somewhere and Maria so I went totally off his music, but he has the style which makes fans want to watch him.
Despite a muchrepeated suggestion that vinyl single sales have seen a resurgence, the figures, compiled by the Official Chart Company, show they have now hit rock bottom.
But break the bank and get hold of the collector's edition bundle, which includes both the CD and a 7" vinyl single featuring covers of Velvet Underground's What Goes On and The Verve's Lucky Man.
I loved it so much I even had a vinyl single of Chas & Dave's Snooker Loopy.
After several weeks of me playing the vinyl single non-stop, she eventually agreed to take me to the cinema in Newport and I was instantly transfixed by the singing and storyline - and John Travolta became my very first crush.
They and the likes of producer Paul Sampson and chief 'Crok' Christopher Sidwell helped make the label a reality and gave many a fledgling band the vision of the rock 'n' roll dream, in the shape of their very own seveninch vinyl single. Sonar released its very first offering 25 years ago Courtiers of Fashion by the Courtiers of Fashion led by Dave Pepper.