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VOEVistA (Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture)-Office EHR (Electronic Health Records)
VOEVerification of Employment
VOEVlan Aggregator Optical to Electrical
VOEVoice over Ethernet
VOEVanguard Mid Cap Value ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)
VOEVoice of the Employee
VOEVoice of Erotica
VOEVerification of Effectiveness (job performance)
VOEVerification of Enrollment
VOEVoter-Owned Election (various locations)
VOEVoice of Experience
VOEVision of Escaflowne (anime)
VOEVoice of Eye (band)
VOEVoice Of Evangelism
VOEVacuum Operated Exhaust (automobiles)
VOEVirtual Operating Environment
VOEVision of Excellence (World of Warcraft guild)
VOEVerifiable Objective Evidence
VOEVideo over Ethernet
VOEValuation Office Agency (UK)
VOEVehicle Office E
VOEVehicle Operations - Program E
VOEVision of Education
VOEVillage of the Elite (gaming clan)
VOEViolation of Expectations (psychology)
VOEVillage Oakes Elementary (Immokalee, Florida)
VOEVillagers of Eternity (gaming group)
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Even those viewers of Duck Soup who have never heard of the Marx Brothers before presumably will have a chance to form an intuitive sense of the film's genre by the time they get to the mirror scene, and thus may know that violation of expectations is integral to their enjoyment of this scene.
Their reactions were measured using the "violation of expectations" paradigm.
(2010) study, a violation of expectations could have occurred for some students because they did not expect Facebook to be used as a part of their education; they viewed Facebook as being inherently personal.
Prefrontal cortex: This brain region plays a role in the creation, satisfaction and violation of expectations. It may react, for instance, when a beat goes missing.
In our American culture, journalists are assigned a transmitter role, for better or worse, and going outside the role is often recognized by readers as a violation of expectations.
Therefore, if the provider was perceived as high in relative power and status, and the provider's negative regard was still perceived as a violation of expectations, it may have been a positively valenced violation, resulting in greater patient satisfaction with the communication experience.
But if holding an agent responsible involves judging it appropriate to render her the object of the harms of moral sanction, and to do so as a result of the violation of expectations for which there are distinctively moral reasons, as it does on Wallace's account, then it will be unreasonable to do this if she lacks the power to grasp and apply the reasons supporting the demand in virtue of which those sanctions apply.
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