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VPPVoluntary Protection Program (OSHA)
VPPVolume Purchasing Program (various companies)
VPPVehicle Purchase Protection (eBay Motors)
VPPVehicle Purchase Program (various companies)
VPPVoltage Peak to Peak
VPPVideo Post Processing
VPPVehicle Protection Plan (various companies)
VPPVirtual Pivot Point (mountain bike rear suspension)
VPPVelocity Prediction Program (to predict sail boat performance)
VPPVirtual Presence Post (low but formal level of US diplomatic engagement)
VPPVirtual Power Plant (energy production)
VPPVolumetric Production Payment
VPPViolence Prevention Program
VPPVirtual Presence Protocol
VPPValue Pricing Pilot (program; US DOT)
VPPViscous Plastic Processing (ceramics)
VPPVisitor Parking Pass (Washington, DC)
VPPVolts Peak to Peak
VPPVehicle Program Planning
VPPValiant Petroleum PLC (various locations)
VPPVirtual Product Presentation (software)
VPPVirtual Performance Parts (gaming)
VPPVillage Phone Program (Bangladesh)
VPPVXI Plug & Play
VPPVegetable Protein Product
VPPVictim Protection Program (various locations)
VPPVisual Passage Planner
VPPValuable Preselling Proposition (internet marketing)
VPPValue Payable Post (India & Pakistan)
VPPPhotographic Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVacaville Psychiatric Program (California, USA)
VPPVariable Pay Program (bonus program)
VPPVice President for Programming
VPPVermont Professional Photographers
VPPVoluntary Prevention Program
VPPVoltage Point to Point
VPPPatrol Squadron (Photographic) (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVariable Pitch Propellor
VPPValue Predictability Pattern
VPPValue Print Pricing
VPPVolume Pricing Plan
VPPVertical Pinpoint
VPPViolence Protection Program
VPPVertigo Performance Products (toy car manufacturers)
VPPVendor Performance Program
VPPVirtual Path Partitioning
VPPVirtual Pokemon Pet (gaming)
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In response, many school-based violence prevention programs have been made available for all grade levels on the topics of bullying, conflict resolution, and violence prevention (National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices [NREPP], 2013).
Everyone in Horizon Health Network has a role to play in the success of the Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of HEART, a relationship violence prevention program specifically designed for college students.
A written workplace violence prevention program, incorporated into the facility's overall health and safety program, is a critical starting point.
While most violence prevention program evaluations focused on the characteristics of intervention (ie, "increasing knowledge" or "improving social skills"), this study focused on the program characteristics related to program delivery (ie, program target or program type).
Universal school-based violence prevention programs are effective and should be used to prevent or reduce violent and aggressive behaviors, according to the Task Force on Community Preventive Services.
Along with the violence prevention program, the Gentle Barn also offers programs to help special needs individuals with spatial awareness and motor skills.
6-9 "Navigating Pathways to Violence Prevention: Exploring and Strengthening Links Between Families and Communities," sponsored by the Family and Community Violence Prevention Program at Central State University and the U.
In addition, two other direct EAP services, education and evaluation, provide the EA professional with skills and knowledge that can also be invaluable in a workplace violence prevention program.
law enforcement agencies, sexual abuse counseling centers, domestic violence programs, homeless shelters, antiracist educational programs) that can be incorporated into a comprehensive school-based violence prevention program.
3) Seventy-five percent of respondents believed that school police officers offer the most effective school violence prevention program.
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