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VAWViolence Against Women
VAWViolence at Work
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy)
VAWVon Amts Wegen (German: Officially)
VAWVariable Wavelength
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1948 and from 1956 to date)
VAWVoice of Afghan Women
VAWVardø, Norway - Svartnes (Airport Code)
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The trust was aware that violence at work was a major problem and so took measures to analyse why this was the case.
These frightening figures show the increasing topicality of the problem of psychological violence at work.
Institutions have to adapt to deal with violence at work, at home, in the supermarket, in the malls - everywhere.
Unison are confident that there is a direct link between staff illhealth and the NHS employers failure to tackle issues such as stress, bullying and violence at work - all of which are on the increase.
What role does gender play in bullying and violence at work, and what can be done to address it?
The discussion involved a cross-section of those experienced in tackling violence at work issues, and included representatives from the bookmaking industry.
The study found that 43 percent of personal support workers endure physical violence at work on a daily basis, while another quarter face such violence every week.
ALMOST a third of UK nurses suffer frequent violence at work, according to research published today.
The agreement, among other things, aims to provide employers, workers and their representatives at all levels with an action-oriented framework to identify, prevent and manage problems of harassment and violence at work, which:
THE INTERNATIONAL Labour Organisation (ILO) has warned of both an increase in violence at work worldwide and of an increasing variety of threats, which are increasingly psychological rather than purely physical.
Staff shortages, inflexible working hours, harassment, bullying and the threat of violence at work have been blamed for this figure
A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "We are greatly concerned by the level of violence at work that our staff in the Health and Social Services are subjected to.
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