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But murder's a violent crime. Associate it more with a man."
We all three put our heads together over them, myself without the slightest clew as to what was coming, but not unprepared for violent crime. One does not do eighteen months for nothing.
The team will work alongside medics at New Cross Hospital's accident and emergency unit as part of plans to tackle the surge in violent crime sweeping the region.
Violent crime has fallen over the last decade, with 2.3 per cent of adults being a victim in the latest year, down from 4.1 per cent in 2008-09.
Met Police data for January to December 2018, reveals several hot spots for violent crime in the borough.
Chief Constable Bill Skelly, the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) lead for crime recording and statistics, said: "The statistics show an increase in violent crime and those being in possession of an offensive weapon.
The mayor said: "I really do believe, particularly if you look at the age profile of a lot of the offenders in violent crime, that the idea of zero tolerance around less serious crime is absolutely right.
The causes of the rise in violent crime are extremely complex and involve deep-seated problems like poverty, inequality, social alienation, mental ill-health and a lack of work and opportunities for young people.
At the same time, the total number of all offences, including violent crime, was up by 10 per cent.
The decline happened as Texas' violent crime rate increased to 438.9 incidents per 100,000 people, from 433.8 incidents per 100,000.
In the past year alone West Yorkshire has seen a 26% rise in violent crime, up from 58,070 cases, although police officer numbers have risen by 6% or 270 officers.
NORTH Wales Police are failing to record more than 5,000 crimes a year, including nearly one in five violent crimes, according to a report by a police watchdog.
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