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Viot and Chene of Compagnie Plastic Omnium have found that replacing part of a polypropylene/fiberglass material with recycled micronized polypropylene/glass fiber can be done without degrading properties.
These occurred more than twice as frequently in girls than boys," said Viot.
Viot also found a greater rate of minor malformations, with 365 children suffering from angiomas (a benign skin tumour), five times higher than the overall rate.
Although Lladr is a Spanish company, and the race will be hosted by Spain this year, Lladr chose to support the team from China to strengthen its ties to that country and boost its expansion plans there, said Alain Viot, chief executive officer and managing director of Lladr Worldwide.
Kingston offers an array of mobile memory solutions, ranging from standard SD and MMCplus to miniSD, microSD, and MMCmobile cards -- and all these Flash cards come with a lifetime warranty," added Viot.
Company: Actimagine Booth/Stand: 70608 Sands Media Contact: Yann Viot Phone: +33 1 53 30 03 65 E-mail: yann.
Our objective was to highlight both Cartier's history and the spirit of originality and innovation Cartier brings to the art of jewelry, watches and other luxury accessories," said Alain Viot, president and CEO of Cartier.
CONTACT: Yann Viot, VP Marketing, Actimagine at press@actimagine.
Contact: Alain Viot, chief executive officer, giftware business
CONTACT: For further information, please contact: Yann VIOT, Vice President Marketing, press@actimagine.
VALENCIA, Spain-Lladro has named Alain Viot chief executive officer of its giftware business, a newly created position, as well as a member of the board of directors, effective Sept.