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VIRGILVirtual Global Interface Link (Tom Clancy's Net Force book series)
VIRGILVirtual Geophysical Imaging Laboratory (fictional holographic 3D model of Yellowstone)
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Virgil was canonized by Dante as his great pagan precursor in the transmission of divine revelation by means of epic poetry.
"Virgil will continue to improve playing every week in a successful team.
As he makes the decision to work on his own and against the people he works with, Virgil moves between a lone wolf lifestyle and his connection to one Michelle and embarks on an interstate journey after a fugitive impossible to track, with his Vietnam experiences providing him with keys to both survival and impossible achievements.
Dante's criticism of Virgil's pagan limitations has become an increasingly common theme among Dante scholars.
He was with the dancers as they hopped and twirled to thundering drums in the "Virgil Martin Memorial Dance Arena." He was with his younger brother, Shane, who stepped in to ensure that the powwow Martin resurrected five years ago would see another year.
Since our analysis on the two (re)configuration--the new human position and the new position of the writer, offered by/through exile--is refering to Virgil Ierunca, we do not give examples for the two categories and do not give reasons and motivations for supporting or rejection for those who are/can be remember.
Virgil then placed a $20 bill on the bar and said, "You're on!"
Some of Virgil's dim view of conquest is hiding in plain sight.
Tom Greenwood, General Manager of UELC, commented on Akin's appointment noting, “We're excited to have Virgil Akin on board and know that the depth he brings in servicing equipment and meeting customer needs is a great fit for the service orientation at UELC.
Famously, at least from the Christian standpoint, Virgil seems to have predicted the coming of the Incarnate Word in his Fourth Eclogue, leading Dante to choose the Roman poet as his guide through the Inferno and the Purgatorio.
(2) To the present reader, at any rate, Pushkin's final lines allude to the conclusion of Virgil's Georgics (c.