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VRMVendor Relationship Management
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VRMVirtual Resource Manager (IBM)
VRMVirtual Resource Manager
VRMVirtual Reality Media
VRMVersion Release Modification
VRMVirtual Real Mode
VRMVerification and Reporting Matrix
VRMVariable Rate Mortgage
VRMVendor Resource Management
VRMVisual Resources Management (US DOI)
VRMVirtually Real Motocross (website)
VRMVehicle Registration Mark
VRMVariable Range Marker
VRMVirtual Rights Management (VMware)
VRMVirtual Reference Monitoring (audio technology; Focusrite)
VRMVehicle Relationship Management
VRMVertical Roller Mill
VRMValuation Risk Management (Veros Real Estate Solutions)
VRMVenus Radar Mapper
VRMViscous Remanent Magnetization
VRMValue Reference Model (Value Chain Group)
VRMValley Rescue Mission (Georgia)
VRMVirtual Reality Media (Trencin, Slovakia; est. 1992)
VRMVoice Recognition Module
VRMVirtual Relationship Marketing
VRMVirginia Richmond Mission
VRMVoltage-Regulator Model
VRMVehicular Radio Modem (Motorola)
VRMViet Nam Resident Mission
VRMVersion Release Milestone
VRMVisitor Relation Management
VRMVendor Refill Management (hardware vendor services; New Zealand)
VRMVirgin Raw Materials
VRMVieilles Roues de Monteux (French vintage vehicle club)
VRMVoltage - Reverse Maximum (maximum voltage the diode can block)
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The Phoenix system takes all sorts of discarded materials, micro-grinds it and then mixes it with a proprietary formula together with virgin raw materials to produce building panels for use in low-cost housing.
Looking to be proactive, the most basic principle to be followed if we want to reduce the rate of loss of Australia's natural capital is to reduce the quantities of energy and virgin raw materials that we use.
The Commission identifies a number of key problems weighing upon the competitiveness of the recycling industry: * On the supply side, recycling is subject to pressure caused by the growing cost of collecting and processing waste, while finding itself in direct competition with the corresponding virgin raw materials. Structural and technical weaknesses, especially at the collection and sorting level, constitute a significant brake on the economic performance of the whole recycling chain.
We need continued research to determine new and better ways to extract, reduce, and convert virgin raw materials, including wood, into useful products.
Approximately 60 percent of Wellman's worldwide fiber production is made from virgin raw materials and 40 percent is made from recycled raw materials.
In the United States, for instance, the Bureau of Mines estimates that total consumption of virgin raw materials was 17 times greater i 1989 than it was in 1900--a span during which the country's population grew jus a little over threefold.
Seven major KPN suppliers, including global network equipment manufacturers and recycling companies, will work together with KPN to make all new KPN network and customer hardware designed to last longer, produced using fewer virgin raw materials and built in such a way that by 2025 close to 100% of the parts and resources can be reused or recycled.
The Green TEFABLOC TPE's will be used in future vehicle sealing systems and the mechanical and physical properties of the new compounds are comparable to those using virgin raw materials. But they are 10 % lighter than the normal TPE compounds.
AlE1/2r containers further bolster the sustainability proposition by using plastics that have collected in commercial and residential recycling programs, which means less refuse going into the waste stream and less need to tap virgin raw materials to produce consumer goods, notes Fabri-Kal, whose latest packaging application also complies entirely with FDA requirements for food contact.
"The majority of recycled glass in the UK - 80 per cent - is used to make new bottles and jars and replacing virgin raw materials with recycled glass in the manufacturing process can give energy savings of over 20 per cent.
As a raw material, ground rubber will be examined, including what it is and how it is made; its key quality parameters; the costs of these materials versus virgin raw materials; the supply situation; and how to get started (e.g., materials, technical issues, etc.).
Colback UMX, another product of extensive product development work, delivers greater environmental sustainability through more efficient use of virgin raw materials. With Colback UMX70, Colbond extends its nonwoven product range with a high-performance, low weight primary backing.