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For their support and encouragement at various stages in the long process of gathering information about Pearson and her work, I am grateful to the staff at the Congregational Society Library, the Library of Congress, the Library of Virginia, the Schlesinger Library, and the Virginia Historical Society and William S.
(3.) The Virginia Historical Society holds an extensive collection of Tayloe family papers documenting life at Mount Airy and other plantations.
Sadly for the Weddells, the plan to live out a long retirement in their dream home by the James River was cut short by a train crash in January 1948, when both of them were killed, after which the house passed automatically to the Virginia Historical Society. The society still owns it today, a little piece of Warwickshire transferred to New England.
Hugh Blair Grigsby Papers, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia.
(1.) Annie Christian to Anne Fleming, September 13, 1785, Hugh Blair Grigsby Papers, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia.
(2.) Annie Christian to Elizabeth Christian, September 18, 1786, Hugh Blair Grigsby Papers, Virginia Historical Society.
Urofsky, The Virginia Historical Society: The First 175 Years, 183 1-2006 (Richmond, 2006).
Lynchburg, July 1, 1863, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia; John W.A.
The identification of the sitter in the Virginia Historical Society portrait as Martha Blount (which led Mack to propose that this is actually Teresa) rests solely on Byrd family tradition.
Therefore, none of the women depicted in the Rehearsal paintings can be unequivocally identified as Mrs Tofts, and, considering the high degree of caricature in some versions, comparison with the Virginia Historical Society portrait is probably futile.
Last fall the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia, marked the hundredth anniversary of the Turner thesis with its exhibition, "Away, I'm Bound Away: Virginia and the Westward Movement" Using migration in Virginia through the mid 1800s as a case study, the exhibition seeks to answer which, if any, historical model best explains the relationship between the frontier, migration, and the American character.
Historical societies include the American Antiquarian Society, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Historical Society, the New York Historical Society, and the Virginia Historical Society. The NYPL Research Libraries is the one example of a "free public service" (IRLA, n.d., p.
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