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VBVisual Basic (Microsoft)
VBVbulletin (Message board software)
VBVirus Bulletin
VBVe Benzeri (Turkish: Etcetera)
VBVirginia Beach
VBVictoria Beckham (singer)
VBVerbania (Piemonte, Italy)
VBVaginal Bleeding
VBVery Beautiful
VBVery Bad
VBValence Band
VBVery Basic (computer programming)
VBVolksbank (German: cooperative bank)
VBVoorbeeld (Dutch: Example)
VBVlaams Belang (Belgian Political Party)
VBVictoria Bitter (beer)
VBVirtual Boy (video game system)
VBVapor Barrier
VBVirgin Blue (Airline, Australia)
VBVengaboys (band)
VBVolley Ball
VBVejle Boldklub (Danish soccerteam)
VBVision Board
VBVascular Bundles
VBVarsity Boys (sports team; various organizations)
VBVertebral Body
VBVariable Block
VBValve Box
VBVenga Boys
VBVisit Britain (UK tourism)
VBVlaams Blok (Belgian Political Party)
VBVideo Bandwidth
VBVerhandlungsbasis (German: negotiable)
VBVehicle Barrier
VBVirtual Boy (Nintendo)
VBVoice Browser
VBVerification Body
VBNavy Dive Bomber Squadron (US Navy)
VBVijaya Bank
VBVolunteer Battalion (British Army)
VBVirtual Banks (virtual banking portal)
VBVerbal Blast
VBVisto Bueno
VBDive Bomber or Carrier Bomber Squadron (US Navy)
VBNavy Bombing Plane (US Navy)
VBVeggieboards (forum)
VBVir Bonus (Latin: Good Man, epigraphy)
VBVertical Boat
VBVelocity Bridge
VBVoicebook (multimedia language learning products)
VBVakýf Bank (Turkey)
VBVerejnou Bezpecnost (Public Security; former Czechoslovakia)
VBVisitor Button
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There, he has stacks of plastic bins brimming with handheld units, including all seven mainline Game Boy models released from 1989 to 2005; competing handhelds of the era like the Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Bandai Wonderswan; hardcore portable gaming enthusiasts will recognize a Nintendo Virtual Boy, the asking price of which can easily reach five digits.
Nintendo had given VR a shot all the way back in 1995 when it launched Virtual Boy, which turned out to be the company's biggest high-profile failure, (http://www.
Players of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, a low-end VR game system launched in the mid-1990s, complained of nausea after extended play.
MARIO Tennis games have been a mainstay of Nintendo game systems since 1995 when the first ever 3D Mario Tennis game appeared on the Virtual Boy.
1996 despues de muchos retrasos y el fracaso del Virtual Boy, sale al mercado Nintendo 64 --N64--, primer consola en 64 bits con graficos en 3D.
A 3-D wearable gaming machine Virtual Boy from Nintendo, which went on sale in the 1990s, bombed.
Similar to the Nintendo Virtual Boy, the short-lived virtual reality headset of the early nineties in concept, the Personal 3D Viewer takes modern technology to the fullest - featuring two 0.
Whether Wii U will replicate the Wii's success or fade like the Virtual Boy (if you don't remember it, it's for good reason) will depend on its price.
Instead they are subjected to Global Soft's computer simulated virtual boy and girl bands, playing mindless dull boring tracks.
A virtual boy racer for a software company, here we saw him trying to do it for real out on a track.
Smoother, faster and tougher, this is the ultimate challenge for any virtual boy racer, with graphics so superb that you want to reach out and touch the cars and a fine-tuned gameplay.
Reflection was formed to develop, market and license the mini virtual displays that use the SLA technology, and one of its customers is Nintendo, which has incorporated the technology into its 3D game system, Virtual Boy.