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VTBVermont Teddy Bear
VTBVirtual Test Bed (electrical power systems software; University of South Carolina)
VTBVneshtorgbank (Russia foreign trade bank)
VTBVisual Task Board (software)
VTBVendor Take Back (real estate)
VTBVolcano the Bear (band)
VTBVic the Brick (sports radio personality)
VTBValve Trombone (musical instrument)
VTBVocational Training Board ( various locations)
VTBVolvo Trucks Belgium
VTBVirtual Tape Backup
VTBVlaamse Toeristen Bond (Flemish Tourist Board)
VTBTorpedo-Bombing Plane (US Navy)
VTBVerification Test Bed (Sprint)
VTBVacuum Tower Bottom
VTBVote to Ban (message boards)
VTBVestibular Test Battery
VTBVery High Speed Integrated Circuit Technology Brassboard
VTBVirginia Tax Bulletin
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Its SynCity simulator platform is a virtual test bed that allows users to train, validate and verify machine learning algorithms, largely for building autonomous systems.
A team headed by Joshua Leonard has also utilised the model as a virtual test bed to assess potential strategies for engineering cell-based therapies to overcome tumour-associated immune dysfunction.
To be more specific of the connection, an external interface is created in these three EnergyPlus models, which is used to connect EnergyPlus and the virtual test bed C.
Engine development times are also reduced through Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or a virtual Test Bed. CAE tests designs and development ideas without the need for any hardware to be produced.
The simulation data were obtained by using the simulation platform virtual Test Bed developed at the EE Department.
Squad Virtual Test Bed (VTB) provides game-based training, testing and mission planning capabilities for small unit tactics, equipment and operations.
The first step consisted of designing and constructing a virtual prototype of a fuel cell powered robot by using a computer program called Virtual Test Bed (VTB).
Cubics squad-level virtual test bed enhances operational mission readiness by providing a virtual training environment to conduct mission planning and rehearsal tasks prior to executing combat operations.
Contract Awarded for Develop a virtual test bed for the agency's Tactical Technology Office (TTO)
By enabling us to easily create virtual test beds, CyberFlood Virtual lets us quickly verify our AI-based anti-malware solutions with fresh and updated malware examples, with and without load traffic, for the benefit of system vendors and our virtual machine and appliance customers.
We also want to go to virtual test beds, so we can limit our engine testing.
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