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VTVermont (US postal abbreviation)
VTVirtual Tourist (travel website)
VTVirginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
VTVatican City
VTVirtual Terminal
VTVideo Toaster
VTVeterinary Technician
VTVision Therapy
VTVacuum Tube
VTVideo Text (screen text)
VTVideo Tape
VTAir Tahiti (French Polynesia, IATA airline code)
VTTidal Volume
VTVisual Testing
VTVirtualization Technology
VTVentricular Tachycardia (also seen as V-Tach; cardiology)
VTVocational Training
VTTraining Squadron (US Navy)
VTVertical Tab
VTVisual Thesaurus
VTVisualization Tool (graphical user interface; software)
VTVideo Terminal
VTTorpedo Squadron (US Navy)
VTVirtual Tape
VTVia Technologies (computer hardware; Taiwan)
VTVerification Test
VTVatu (national currency of Vanuatu)
VTVirtual Tributary
VTVoltage Transformer
VTVideo Teleconference
VTVal Thorens (French ski resort)
VTVisible Transmittance
VTVirtual Time
VTVertical Tank (Steel Battalion game)
VTValtatie (Finnish: Road)
VTVale Transporte (Portuguese: transportation voucher)
VTVisa Touch (Japan)
VTVariable Time (proximity fuze)
VTValid Time (weather forecasts)
VTViterbo, Lazio (Italian province)
VTVariable Transmission (Honda, Toyota)
VTVosper Thornycroft (UK defense contractor)
VTValley Transit
VTVirgin Trains (UK)
VTVanderpool Technology (Intel)
VTValidation Test
VTValidation Testing (system testing)
VTVerb Transitive
VTVoice Tube
VTVisiting Teacher
VTVoting Trust
VTViscous Traction (Lamborghini Diablo AWD system)
VTVapor Trails (Rush album)
VTVoice Terminal
VTThermal Voltage (transistors)
VTVoltage Terminal
VTTuning Voltage
VTVodka/Tonic (drink)
VTVariable Transformer
VTVirtual Therapist (various companies)
VTVegetable-Tanned (leather)
VTVariable Trim
VTVehicle Tests
VTTorpedo and Bombing Squadron (US Navy)
VTVerification Team
VTVolume Temperature
VTVestsjællands Trafikselskab (Danish: Western Sealand's Public Traffic Company)
VTViejo Testamento (Spanish: Old Testament; Bible)
VTTorpedo Plane Squadron (US Navy)
VTVenom Time (laboratory test)
VTVaried Time
VTVisual Tuning
VTVelocity Track
VTVerdantine (gaming, Asheron's Call)
VTTorpedo and Bombing Plane Squadron (US Navy)
VTNavy Torpedo Squadron (US Navy; 1920s to 1950s)
VTVehicle Ticket (civil court code)
VTVariable Trainer (animation)
VTViceroy’s Territory (India)
VTVile Temptress
VTVamp Team (gaming)
VTVirtual Tracker
VTVanquished Tolerance (Countstrike gaming clan)
VTVacuum Tuberculin
VTVentilatory Threshhold
VTNavy & Marine Training Aircraft Squadron
VTMaximum Airtow Speed (aviation)
VTVagrant Terror (band)
VTVinTech Network
VTVinayagar Tharmanithiyam (Sri Lankan non-governmental organization)
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Programming decisions use the conception of virtual time and cluster resources are centered on jobs consistent with their priority, computed through aging.
CINCINNATI -- Deep-sea explorers recovered millions of dollars in gold and silver and a slew of personal items that are a virtual time capsule of the California Gold Rush, according to newly unsealed court documents that provide the first detailed inventory of a treasure trove being resurrected from an 1857 shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Hill Top, near Hawkshead Peter Rabbit's creator, Beatrix Potter, loved life in the Lake District and her modest 17th-century home remains a virtual time capsule, dotted with her possessions.
c) 3D TWR SIM - EMAN dressing system for controlling AMS3 servers, workstations and METDATA converter; simulation for system messages SNOWTAM AMS3; generating virtual date info into the script, read the script virtual date info and additions to the virtual time - complete control for monitoring / degradation-SMGCS server to LV.
"Brendan is far more talented than I, and to have knocked no less than nine full seconds off Ian Stewart's British record, with a virtual time trial, hints at form that is yet untapped, and in Brendan Foster the North East has a man every bit as capable of accumulating records as the legendary Australian Ron Clarke, who amassed well over a dozen record between 1963 and 1970."
The Spaniard and the Portuguese were locked in a classic game of cat and mouse but Lopez reached PC1 after 83.63km with the quickest virtual time.
The wealth of historical artifacts and the genius of the displays create a virtual time travel through the first chapters of Canada's story."
Issues addressed with the tool of qualitative research include the reference interview in both real time and virtual time, and qualitative methods for library collection development, among many others.
The Time Wrap (5), (17) is one of the mechanisms of optimistic time management algorithm (TMA) which includes rollback, anti-message, and global virtual time (GVT) computation techniques (1).
Brands are looking for new and interesting ways to help us get creative with their products, and also to find ways to co-exist in real and virtual time without removing the brand too far from the actual products and the all-important packaging touchpoint.
With this approach to Earth's history, Aardsma has clearly moved far from his flood geology roots and is now claiming that the histories, including presumably that of the spore and pollen record, which have been interpreted as long ages, may actually represent accurate interpretations of time, albeit a virtual time.
These include:* Virtual Time travel: revisit the past and observe changes in areas where historical satellite imagery is available.
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