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VBHVorbehandlung (German: Pretreatment)
VBHVenice Beach Hostel (California)
VBHVereinigter Baubeschlag Handel (German: United Hardware Distributors; Germany)
VBHVirtual Black Hole (physics)
VBHVirginia Baptist Homes (est. 1945; Culpeper, VA)
VBHVirginal Breast Hypertrophy
VBHVon Barth-Hedin (physics)
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For months, Jammu and Kashmir has remained a virtual black hole under a crippling curfew.
"Countless perceived opponents of the Syrian government -- including activists, journalists, medics and lawyers -- are routinely plucked off the street or seized from their homes only to disappear into a virtual black hole," the group said in a statement.
Even fewer passersby, peeking in at the lush greenery and colorful flowers that surround the house, would likely believe that this elegant garden space was a virtual black hole when Drs.
Already today's young workers are making significant contributions into a virtual black hole. Retirees face the prospect of dwindling benefits and an ever-climbing retirement age.
These centres are virtual black holes from which no information is forthcoming,' the senator said.
However, these internment centres had overtime turned into Pakistani Guantanamo Bay prisons and virtual black holes from which no information was forthcoming, he said.
The UK is one of the tax haven centres of the world - the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Virgin Islands, virtual black holes in the global economy where billions of pounds escape taxation and transparency.
I., "Virtual black holes in hyperbolic metamaterials," Arxive: 1101.4625, 2011.