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VDUBVirtualDUB (AVI video editing software)
VDUBVirtual Dub
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The videos were cut and digitized in VirtualDub open-source software (version 1.6.19, www.virtualdub.org) and analyzed in the Tracker video analysis and modeling tool (Douglas Brown Open-Source Physics software, version 4.92).
Final time-lapse videos were generated using VirtualDub. version 1.10.4 (VirtualDub, 2018).
Analyses were performed using noncommercial software packages: VirtualDub 1.6.19 (http://www.virtualdub.org) and Image Tool 3.0 (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX, USA, http://compdent.uthscsa .edu/imagetool.asp).
Here we use a tool for video processing named VirtualDub to compress the videos sequences with two different Lossy compressions [31]: H264 coding with a bit rate of 512kbps and MPEG4 coding with bit rates of 1500kbps and 1000kbps.
Todas as animacoes foram criadas com o software Interactive Physics 2004 e editadas com o VirtualDub. A experiencia foi implementada no ambiente Super Lab 4.0, com o qual eram apresentados os estimulos, recolhidas as respostas e aleatorizados os ensaios.
The technical threshold for producing a DivX file was lowered in 2001 by available software such as Vidomi, DVDx, EasyDivX, VirtualDub, and others (Hattenhauer, 2001/2002).
Edited images were then utilized to produce an animation using VirtualDub software (http://www.virtualdub.org/).
I use AstroArt (3) for the main CCD camera, Imaging Source software for the DMK21 video camera (4) and VirtualDub (5) for the Mintron (6) low-light integrating camera for asteroid occultations, which also provides a GPS timestamp system.
Tapes were digitalized, and recordings were analyzed on a frame-by-frame basis using the software VirtualDub (version 1.9.11, freeware, Avery Lee).
Son ficheros .avi compatibles con Windows Media Player u otro similar, aunque se aconseja utilizar VirtualDub para usarlo como "moviola": avanzar, fotograma a fotograma, parar o retroceder, para explicar al ritmo que marque el profesor y el alumnado, lo cual facilita la ensenanza.
As DVI2USB identifies itself as a high resolution camera to the computer, any other video editing and capture software may be used in order to capture images and video, such as VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere, from the DVI2USB.
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