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VisiCalcVisible Calculator (1979 spreadsheet program)
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Just a year later, Robert Frankston and Dan Bricklin created the first spreadsheet program, Visicalc, an electronic ledger book, which replaced the accountant's columnar pad, pencil and calculator.
This kind of dynamic competition is particularly important in software, and in some categories it takes on a winner-take-all (or winner-take-most) character.(98) The history of PC software is full of deposed leaders, once seen as unbeatable, such as VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3 in spreadsheets, WordStar and WordPerfect in word processing, and dBASE in databases.(99)
Solving that problem was what made VisiCalc a much better solution."
By the early 1980s, automated spreadsheets such as VisiCalc and SuperCalc were the rage of financial analysts until the introduction of Lotus 1-2-3.
We recently added a VisiCalc electronic spreadsheet program to generate year-to-date summaries more quickly.
Are today's CFO and the CIO a little too much like Oscar Madison and Felix Unger--Neil Simon's legendary "Odd Couple?" For forward-thinking enterprises, the corporate variation on those stereotypical images--the expense-obsessed bean counter and the gadget-evangelizing guy with the pocket-protector--are about as relevant as an old floppy diskette of VisiCalc.
From the dawn of VisiCalc in 1978 to the financial software annual expositions like Softworld in the 1990s, boxed software moved prominently to the front.
After retirement, he was a self-employed tax preparer at his business, Tax Time where he developed one of the first tax preparation programs using VisiCalc on the first Apple computer.
The first applications software, outside of games, to show the potential size of the PC software market was VisiCalc, the pioneering PC spreadsheet.