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VisiCalcVisible Calculator (1979 spreadsheet program)
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The company was founded by Dan Bricklin, the legendary co-creator of VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet.
Very quickly, Java, writeable CDs, and innovations we haven't dreamed of will ship today's technology to the same computer-relic junkyard the Apple IIc, Visicalc, and the dot matrix printer inhabit.
Remember, the explosion in personal computer purchases was owing to the arrival of VisiCalc, the spreadsheet.
Later that year, when we bought personal computers and I transferred my numbers to a Visicalc spreadsheet, that was considered state-of-the-art.
Now that it has been accomplished, everybody is copying the VisiCalc idea.
For that purpose, we added the VisiCalc program (VisiCorp, San Jose, Calif.
Very early in my learning efforts, I wrote a simple VisiCalc program to yield recoil energy figures for all practical gun weights by half-pound increments, using a formula I got out of a magazine article.
Business Week magazine and Computer Reseller News have identified Ed as one of the pioneer and visionary leader of the personal computer industry who is credited with developing the marketing and distribution strategies for two of the world's best selling software packages of the 1980s, VisiCalc and dBase.
LOOKUP is so old, it's one of the 20 functions that were in version 1 of Visicalc in 1979.
After retirement, he was a self-employed tax preparer at his business, Tax Time, where he developed one of the first tax preparation programs using VisiCalc on the first Apple computer.
In the late '70s, the first spreadsheet modeling package, Visicalc, was introduced.