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VisiCalcVisible Calculator (1979 spreadsheet program)
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Spreadsheets have provided fast computation since the advent of VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3, the seminal application that put PCs on corporate desktops.
The first spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, is released.
They ran VisiCalc, dBASE II, and a strange word processor from Australia called "Zardax.
Think of Visicalc being displaced by Lotus, which in turn was displaced by Excel.
Hoff gets the credit for realizing that Intel's manufacturing process (which he did not develop) made it possible to cram enough components on a single chip to produce a complete microprocessor; Hoff's colleague Federico Faggin led the team responsible for the actual layout and design of that microprocessor Alcaly also gives major play to some provocative but highly speculative theories: Tom Wolfe's arguments that "small-town" culture in general, and Grinell College in particular, played a major role in the development of the semiconductor industry and that the development of the Visicalc spreadsheet software in the 1970s was "instrumental in launching the takeover wave of the 1980s.
Daniel Bricklin conceived Visicalc (the world's first electronic spreadsheet) while he was a graduate student at Harvard University.
Spreadsheets were one such driver and the dominance of the PC would not have happened without accountants realising the power that applications such as VisiCalc gave them.
Here, Varian cites the example of WordStar and WordPerfect being eclipsed in the word-processing market and VisiCalc and Lotus in the spreadsheet market.
However Visicalc was displaced by a superior product -- Lotus 1-2-3.
The vice president of finance gave Daniels an Apple IIe personal computer and Visicalc, one of the earliest spreadsheets, and told him to get to work crunching numbers.
It was actually adopted by the early developers of the first major spreadsheet program, VISICALC, in the late 1970s.