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VLRVirtue's Last Reward (gaming)
VLRVisitor Location Register (GSM telephony)
VLRVisitor Location Register
VLRVariable Length Record
VLRVery Long Range
VLRVariable Lymphocyte Receptor (protein antigen)
VLRVillage of Los Ranchos (New Mexico)
VLRVirginia Law Review (University of Virginia)
VLRVery Long Range (disc golf)
VLRVive La Revolution (gaming team)
VLRVéhicule de Liaison Radio
VLRVisible Light Reflectance
VLRVisitor Location Registry
VLRTransport Glider (US Navy)
VLRVermont Law Review (Vermont Law School)
VLRVaguely Live Radio (podcast show)
VLRVery Long Range aircraft
VLRVertical Looking Radar
VLRVoluntary Load Reduction
VLRVery Long Reach (Alcatel)
VLRVery Low Range
VLRVisual LISP Reactor
VLRVertical Line Right
VLRVariable Lending Rate
VLRValue Laboratory Refrigerators
VLRVinyl Leather and Rubber (cleaning product)
VLRVictorian Law Report
VLRVision Loss Resources, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
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The number of active wireless subscribers (on the date of peak visitor location register) in June was 983.8 million.
TRAI's June report shows that VLR (visitor location register) of four telecom companies - MTS, Videocon, MTNL and Quadrant - was around 60 per cent.
The operator s side of the interface is integrated with its network traffic data sources like probes, Traffica and visitor location register (VLR) to select affected subscribers within 180 seconds and send them the message via SMS or cell broadcast.
Base station controllers, mobile switching centers, serving general packet radio service support nodes, gateway (GPRS) support nodes, home location register, visitor location register and gateway mobile switching centers are all fixed nodes in the architecture.
According to the visitor location register (VLR) data, the total number of active mobile subscribers in the country was 635.39 million at November-end.
Entre ellas estan el Home Location Register (HLR), el Visitor Location Register (VLR) y el Equipment Identity Register (EIR).
The GSM network includes further units HLR, AuC, VLR and EIR (Home Location Register, Authentication Center, Visitor Location Register and Equipment Identity Register), which contain information on individual MS, check justification of required services and charge connection.
The appropriate visitor location register is notified over the air interface, and the temporary mobile subscriber identity is registered there.
As per an infographic released from the official Twitter handle of the ministry's Digital India initiative, around 117.82 crore mobile connections are present in India, out of which 102.57 crore connections are active according to the Visitor Location Register (VLR).
Out of the total 886.30 million wireless subscribers, 762.40 million were active on the date of Peak Visitor Location Register (VLR) for the month of December 2013.
Out of the total 870.58 million wireless telecom subscribers, 738.89 million were active on the date of Peak Visitor Location Register (VLR) for the month of September 2013.
It controls the registration attempts of roaming subscribers, analysing events to identify registrations near the border to foreign Visitor Location Registers and uses rejection algorithms to prevent handsets from selecting the foreign networks.
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