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VBEVerband Bildung und Erziehung (German: Combined Training and Education)
VBEVisual Basic Editor (Microsoft)
VBEVisual Basic Script Encoded
VBEVisual Basic Environment
VBEVisual Basic Editor
VBEVideo Bios Extension
VBEVanillyl Butyl Ether
VBEVoltage between the Base and Emitter
VBEVESA Bios Extension
VBEVisual Basic Environment (Microsoft)
VBEBase-Emitter Voltage (transistors)
VBEVeteran Business Enterprise (business classification)
VBEVelocity for Best Endurance (flight planning)
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The programs will cover similar areas in addition to new areas such as time management, negotiations with suppliers, letter writing, report design in Visual Basic environment, how to deal with visitors, secretariat works, decision-making, intellectual property, GCC unified customs system, and administrative coordination.
Special software made in Visual Basic environment, allow viewing value measured, date & time of measurement and save this in a database.
With the new MatrixVB library, powerful mathematical functionality is available in the Visual Basic environment for the first time The MatrixVB library provides more than 600 functions ranging from fast Fourier transforms (FFTS) and singular value decomposition's to random number generators.
With the code complete, the program may be run while still in the Visual Basic environment. The logic of the program may be checked and debugged at this point by setting breakpoints in the program and single-stepping through instructions.
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