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VBPVisual Basic Project (Microsoft; file extension)
VBPVisual Basic Project
VBPVisual Basic Programming (computer programming)
VBPVette Brakes and Products (St. Petersburg, FL)
VBPValue-Based Pricing
VBPVerified Beef Production (Canada)
VBPVoluntary Buyout Program (Tennessee Technical University; Cookeville, TN; professional contract buyout)
VBPVisionary Bowling Products (Jennings, MO)
VBPVrouw Bijt Poes (Dutch: Female Cat Bite; free online adult entertainment)
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To ease the burden of migrating existing Visual Basic applications to Linux, REALbasic 2005 includes a Visual Basic Project Converter and a white paper, "Migrate Visual Basic Applications to Linux and Mac OS X," http://www.
Automated Visual Basic project checking is also included.
Add-in Migration Utility - automatically converts your existing Visual Basic projects from the previous version to ComponentOne True DBList Pro 7.
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