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While many organizations are either blocking Microsoft Office macros at a policy level or educating users about the dangers of enabling macro content, the security firm suggested attackers have other means of creating weaponized documents for distributing malware: in this case, an embedded Visual Basic script in a Microsoft Word document with a keylogger payload.
nanoCAD's scripting engine lets users write macros using Visual Basic Script, Java Script or any other scripting language supported by Microsoft Windows as well as built-in LISP.
CATIA V5; macro programming with Visual Basic script.
Yesterday, it updated that recommendation by posting a Visual Basic script which, when run, automates the workaround.
"In addition to normal macro functions, like moving the mouse cursor or entering text or opening application windows, Macro Scheduler also offers embedded Visual Basic Script."
For example, JavaScript, JScript, Visual Basic Script www.donald-firesmith.com/Glossary/GlossaryS.htmi
Integrated applications, applications with scripting languages with access to the file system (eg: Visual Basic Script, or VBS, with networking features) are also particularly vulnerable.
When the Melissia virus and some of its visual basic script variants affected some of the servers, Timmons says a lot of documents had bogus changes.
They can also automate standard tasks needed to create frequently used reports and charts by means of Microsoft Visual Basic Script.
This is a technology for examining incoming email attachments and assessing their ability to do harm to an end-user's PC, based on a collection of rules, such as whether it contains Visual Basic Script or needs to access the user's email address book - both common signs of nefarious intent.
With the upgrade, users can now include inline Visual Basic script code as part of their investigation.
It also allows users to automate standard tasks needed to create frequently used reports and charts using MS Visual Basic Script. National Instruments, 11500 N.
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