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VEVirtual Environment(s)
VEValue Engineering
VEVirtual Enterprise
VEVictory in Europe (World War II)
VEVersion Editor
VEVernal Equinox
VEVocational Expert (expert witness)
VEVehicle Engineering
VEValues and Ethics (college course)
VEVersaEmerge (band)
VEVoluntary Euthanasia
VEValue Edition
VEVelocity Engine (band)
VEVerbo Encarnado (Argentina)
VEVolumetric Efficiency (internal combustion engines)
VEV-Ego (Coke music)
VEAir Evacuation Squadron (US Navy)
VEVacuum Extraction (medicine)
VEValence Electron
VEVocational Evaluation
VEVelocity Error
VEVenezia - Venice (Veneto, Italy)
VEVaginal Examination
VEVessel Examiner
VEVisible Emission
VEVessel Examination
VEVital Exhaustion
VEVisual English
VEVideoEgg, Inc.
VEVisual Emissions
VEVesicular Exanthema
VEVeteranus (Latin: Veteran, epigraphy)
VEEquivalent Airspeed
VEVitae Essentia (gaming guild, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes)
VEVoucher Examiner
VEVenom Extract
VEVotre Eminence (French: Your Eminence)
VEVertical Elutriators
VEVirtual Eugene (Oregon)
VEVentricular Ectopia
VEPulmonary Ventilation During Exercise
VEVisalia Electric Railroad Company
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Fundamentally misunderstanding visual perception: Adults' belief in visual emission. American Psychologist, 57: 417-424.
A "certified reader" (one who has met the specifications of Federal Reference Method 9 and is a qualified visual emissions evaluator) would observe the entire facility from one or more vantage points and confirm that fugitive emissions constitute no more than 20% opacity.
* Reducing visual emissions through an aggressive testing and repair program
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