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VESVisual Effects Society
VESVertical Electric(al) Sounding(s)
VESVoluntary Euthanasia Society
VESVideo Entertainment System
VESVirtual Execution System (computer programming)
VESVineland Elementary School (Florida)
VESVideo Editing Software (various companies)
VESVirginia Episcopal School (Lynchburg, VA)
VESVeolia Environmental Services (Veolia Environnement)
VESVitamin E Succinate
VESVariable Exhaust System (Polaris snowmobiles)
VESVirtual Environments
VESVideo Encoding Standard
VESVirtual Execution System
VESVirtual Enhanced Surround
VESVirtual Engine Suite
VESVideo Editing Software
VESVideo Editing System
VESVehicle Evaluation System
VESVapor Extraction System
VESVesicular Exanthema of Swine
VESVariable Effort Steering (automotive)
VESValidation des Etudes Supérieures (French: Validation of Graduate Studies; degree initiative; France)
VESVentrikuläre Extrasystole (German: Ventricular Extrasystole; cardiology)
VESVeterinary Emergency Service (various locations)
VESVisual Encounter Survey (amphibians)
VESViolation Enforcement System (toll collection)
VESVanuatu Espiritu Santo (island)
VESVelocità di Eritrosedimentazione (Italian: red blood cells sedimentation rate)
VESVirtual Education Space (Massachusetts Department of Education)
VESVacuum Exhaust System (US NASA)
VESVideo Enforcement System (electronic toll collection)
VESVent, Enter, and Search (fire rescue technique)
VESVichy Elementary School (California)
VESVentilation, Entry and Search (fire rescue strategy)
VESVehicle Effectiveness and Safety
VESVehicle Emission Standard (automotive regulation)
VESVillage Extension Scheme (Sudan)
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We conducted a single 2-day visual encounter survey (VES), which consisted of counting the number of individuals present in each survey area over a specific time period (30).
Herpetofaunal abundance in the forests found 500m on either side of the road was assessed during dry (December-May) and wet (June-November) seasons using time constrained visual encounter survey (Heyer et al.
I used a modified version of a visual encounter survey during day visits to locate and count frogs (Crump and Scott 1994).
Dfence = drift fence, Cboard = coverboard, Hopnet = hoop net, WetVES = wetland visual encounter survey, TerVET = terrestrial visual encounter survey, Fvocal--frog vocalization survey, and Indntl = incidental observation.
Lake visual encounter surveys (VES) were also completed by the USGS (1996-2001, 2006) to assess the apparent abundances of amphibians in the lake.
Dip nets were also used during visual encounter surveys to capture amphibians in the pond and site tributaries.
Standard techniques for inventory and monitoring: visual encounter surveys. Pages 84-92 in Measuring and monitoring biological diversity: standard methods for amphibians (W.
The individuals of Cycloramphus brasiliensis were sampled in September and October, 2004 and between July 2007 and March 2010 using Visual Encounter Surveys (Crump and Scott, 1994) performed by transects, in two localities of Atlantic Forest in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil: the Estacao Ecologica Estadual Paraiso (22[degrees]29' S and 42[degrees]55' W; elevation 150-290 m) and the Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu (22[degrees]24' S and 42[degrees]44' W; elevation 40-400 m).
Timed visual encounter surveys were conducted from 15 April to 12 June 2006 at MFSFWA where researchers would walk the perimeter of the marsh and search the vegetation for turtles.
Visual encounter surveys were the most effective method for surveying amphibians and reptiles for both abundance and diversity; however, other techniques were necessary for certain species, i.e., call surveys for anurans.
Visual encounter surveys. In: Heyer WR, Donnelly MA, McDiarmid RW, Hayek LC, Foster MS, editors.
A herpetological inventory was conducted using a variety of field techniques including visual encounter surveys, drift-fence/pitfall traps, aquatic turtle traps, and road cruising.
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