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VQCVictorian Quality Council (Australia)
VQCVisual Quick Code (programming)
VQCVibrant Color Quality (Matrox)
VQCVector Quantizing Code
VQCVirological Quality Control
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chip conveyor, visual quick code programming, internal high voltage isolated
Other standard features include an automatic chip auger system, programmable coolant nozzle, floppy disk drive, 1 MB of program memory, Visual Quick Code programming, and a remote jog handle.
The package includes an auger-style chip conveyor, programmable coolant nozzle, 16mn program memory, Visual Quick Code programming, floppy disk drive, spindle orientation, 4th-axis drive, coordinate rotation/scaling, user-definable macros, remote jog handle, and high-speed machining software.
The TL-I comes standard with 1 MB of program memory and Haas' Visual Quick Code, a proprietary conversational programming system with a graphical interface.