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VRVirtual Reality
VRVery Respectfully (closing salutation)
VRVisual Reality
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon)
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon camera technology)
VRVerona (Italy)
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VRVideo Recorder
VRVirgin Racing (Formula One racing team)
VRVoice Recognition
VRVacation Rentals
VRVelvet Revolver (band)
VRVital Records
VRVoltage Regulator
VRVelocity Relative
VRValid Reason
VRVictorian Railways (former government owned railway of the state of Victoria in Australia)
VRVideo Relay
VRVooray (apparel)
VRVerwaltungsrat (German: Board of Directors)
VRVoter Registration
VRVariable Resistor
VRRotation Speed (aviation)
VRVoice Response
VRVideo Rentals
VRVoltage Reference
VRVocationally Registered (doctors; Australia)
VRVentricular Tachycardia
VRVéhicule Récréatif (French: Recreational Vehicle)
VRVirtual Router
VRVascular Resistance
VRVertical Resolution
VRVista Ready (software)
VRVacation Resort
VRVolume Reduction
VRVictoria Regina (Queen Victoria)
VRVanilloid Receptor
VRTransport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVolunteer Reserve (RAF)
VRFleet Logistics Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1976 to present)
VRVirtual Reconstruction
VRVariable Reward (incentive)
VRVeiligheidsrapport (Dutch: Safety Report)
VRValve-Regulated (battery)
VRVoluntary Redundancy
VRVisiting Researcher
VRVoltage Relay
VRVisual Route
VRVendor Relations
VRVoltage Rectifier
VRValtion Rautatiet (Railways of Finland)
VRVoyage Repair
VRVacuum Residue
VRVitrinite Reflectance
VRVasomotor Rhinitis
VRAir Transport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVerb Root
VRVulnerability Report
VRVocal Resonance
VRVisit Request
VRVoluntary Restraint
VRVulnerability Reduction
VRVirtual Repository
VRVertical Rescue
VRVariability Reduction
VRVertical Riser (telephone systems grounding)
VRUrbs Roma (Latin: City of Rome, epigraphy)
VRFleet Tactical Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1958 to 1976)
VRVirtual Recorder
VRV Rotate
VRHeading to A Radial
VRVFR Military Training Route
VRVariability Ratio
VRVehicle Representative
VRVirtual Radiography
VRVoltage Regulating Transformer
VRVelocity Rotate (aviation)
VRVertical Replication
VRVisa Revocation (US immigration)
VRFleet Logistic Air Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVentilation and Radiation
VRVolksbanken Raffeisenbanken
VRVital Resolution (gaming team)
VRVane Rate
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And what distinguishes our responses to visual media from our responses to raw, unmediated visual reality? His attempts to grapple with those questions are represented in some of the best chapters in Studying Visual Communication (notably, "Seeing Metaphor as Caricature" and "Pictures Can't Say Ain't").
Dr Jeremy Parr, Paul Smith and Dr Morag Maskey, with the new 3rd eye <BBlue Room visual reality room Iain
26 ( ANI ): Facebook's stock price reportedly dropped in after-hours trading after the social networking giant announced its latest acquisition of visual reality startup Oculus Rift.
Individual topics include traces of transmutation in contemporary visual art, Bellini's Turkish Drawing, the Ottoman east and west meeting in Romania in the early Enlightenment, the rise of panoramic stadium paintings, speed in Boccioni's works, Miyazaki, desire-imagery, spatial disappearances, Botany Carcinoma, computers in urban space, appearing and disappearing on the Net, role playing games in a secondary world, corporeal experience in visual reality, diaspora and youth culture in Web 2.0, the artist as spy, tourism and transgression, mapping the phantasmagoria,, the Other as fantasy, borders and limits, hearing the pathway, Ataman's video installations, digital light, and On Elsewhere.
In a paper titled Hidden Images of Holography he explored the potential for display holograms to show hidden aspects of visual reality that might not otherwise be apparent or obvious.
The "Virtual Aquarium" [11] project provides sensory effects that can stimulate users' sense of touch by using data gloves and increases the visual reality of the underwater environment itself through photorealistic 3D texturing technology.
Not based on the visual reality of so many trees and forest left on the unit.
Sheikh Mohammed also watched the 'The Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation' show by Franco Dragone, a leading international art director, that showcased a performance of dancers, acrobats and gymnasts including several Emirati performers who turned written history into visual reality.
Vision provides only raw data; the brain's innate Photoshop software constructs a visual reality that depends on how the brain has learned to comprehend what it sees.
Where the focus of Khaled Hafez is subjective and documentary, the photographic palette of Nermine Hammam's visual reality deliberately registers fiction.
This discourse world is created through different linguistic and methodological strategies and has to be described to create a vibrating visual reality. A mix of different linguistic devices is used to create this effect.
Watching the photos made by the blind photographer we realize that it is near to impossible, because in everyday understanding the opening in the wall between the visual reality and the mind is the eye.