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Does proactive interference play a significant role in visual working memory tasks?
Remembering 'what' brings along 'where' in visual working memory.
Likewise, there was a significant gain in visual working memory with a small effect, t(29) = 2.
The research is important, because visual working memory performance has been linked to a variety of childhood disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, developmental coordination disorder as well as affecting children born prematurely.
This and other evidence indicated that neurons in these hubs are selective for particular features in the visual field and that synchronization in the circuit carries content-specific information that might contribute to visual working memory.
Compared with the control group, children with ADHD showed abnormal activity in several regions of the brain involved in the processing of visual working memory information.
Visual search remains efficient when visual working memory is full.
Interactions between visual working memory and selective attention.
Teachers who work with children whose phonological working memory is weak, but whose visual working memory is better could help the child to find strategies that connect the stronger visual representations of multiplication facts to the weaker phonological ones e.
The Visual Patterns Test (19) was used as a test of visual working memory.
The results of the test give parents and teachers a profile of the child's verbal and visual working memory, which is what enables us to complete tasks such as mental arithmetic, or memorise directions.