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VAVirginia (US postal abbreviation)
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs (US)
VAVirtual Assistant
VAVarese (Lombardia, Italy)
VAVeterans Affairs
VAVirtual Airlines
VAVisual Arts
VAValue Analysis
VAVatican City State (top level domain)
VAValue Added
VAVarious Artists
VAVoir Aussi (French: See Also)
VAVeterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs)
VAVirtual Address
VAVoice Actor
VAVanaf (Dutch: From, used in pricing)
VAVoice Activated
VAVice Admiral
VAVariable Annuity
VAVulnerability Assessment
VAVibration Analysis
VAVoluntary Aided (UK school status)
VAVisual Acuity
VAVolcanic Ash (METAR obscuration)
VAVinyl Acetate
VAViterbi Algorithm
VAVisiting Associate (various schools)
VAVickers-Armstrong (British gun manufacturer)
VAVisual Aid
VAVolare Airlines (Italy)
VAVibro-Acoustic (software)
VAValidation Authority (digital certificates)
VAValuation Allowance
VAView Askew (gaming, Counter Strike)
VAAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VAVaginal Atrophy
VAValor Award (Australian police award)
VAVariable Account
VAVirtual Analog
VAVotre Altesse (French: Your Highness)
VAVertical Angle
VAVertex Array (game programming)
VAVital Area
VAVeterans Agency (UK government)
VAAircraft speed
VAViscosity Agent (concrete)
VAVideo Amplifier
VAVulnerable Area
VAVicar Apostolic
VAVehicle Analysis
VAVelocity Analysis
VAVillous Adenoma
VAViral Arthritis
VAVascular Aging
VAVentricular Atrial
VAVolume Absorber (physics)
VAVariational Approximation
VAVérification d'Aptitude (Informatique)
VAVerbal Area (audio/video chat software)
VAVisionAIR, Inc (Atlanta, GA public safety software manufacturer)
VAVerkaufsagent (German: Selling Agent; eBay)
VAVisual Accounting
VAVacation Absence
VAVisual Training Aid Specialist (US Navy)
VAVietnamese Airlines
VAVertical Accelerator
VAVulnerability Analyzer (information security)
VAVices Agens (Latin: Acting in Place Of, epigraphy)
VAVictoria and Albert Order (British)
VAMaximum-Design Maneuvering Velocity
VAVentanas Alemanas (Guatemala)
VAVariant Armour (gaming)
VAVermont American, Inc.
VAVixit Annos (Latin: He Lived (insert number) Years, epigraphy)
VAFixed Wing, Heavier Than Air Aircraft, Attack (US Navy)
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She did her Masters in Visual Arts from the Ghazi University, Ankara.
'I urge our children to pursue careers in visual arts and arts generally to showcase and preserve our rich cultural identity as a nation.
Visual arts courses, when compared to others such as engineering, or medicine, were not valued, so I decided to do something to change this," she says.
Symbolic of a lively focus on arts and humanities at Boise State, the Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) will soon become a hub of creativity.
Enhancing financial and/or administrative and/or technical and core staff capacities, as well as the acquiring of needed equipment and other resources related to the implementation of visual arts programmes.
The agreement was signed by Yousef Rawas, the Executive Director of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Academy, who affirmed TAG-KF's commitment to supporting the visual arts by hosting art exhibitions representing local and international artists, in addition to enhancing skills and capabilities of talented youth in line with Dr Abu-Ghazaleh's belief in the importance of supporting culture and arts to activate the power of Arab youth.
The output of the visual arts workshop was also impressive: two murals which were painted right there on the left and right side of the stage.
'This partnership with Stimulus Africa and Thapong Visual Arts Centre to deliver this programme is a demonstration of British Council's investment into the creative industries and its support of the development of the creative economy across Africa,' continued Bakwena.
Nominated artists must possess a series of eligibility requirements including: a body of work characterized by artistic integrity, innovativeness, and forcefulness of ideas; responsiveness to contemporary realities; evidence of sustained artistic activity for the past three years; engagement with contemporary visual art forms; Filipino citizenship; and proof of being born after 1978.
The School of Visual Arts dormitory, located at 215 East 23rd Street, is a 22-story, 74-unit multifamily property, which is serving as the School of Visual Art's college dormitory.
"It gives great exposure to the work they do at Crow's Shadow, and it's a unique collection they put together," Tom Webb, director of the Visual Arts Center, said of the exhibit.
TWENTY years after the North East (with Cumbria) hosted the national Year of the Visual Arts, galleries and other art organisations across the region have unveiled a strategic plan for the coming years.
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