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VFTVielfliegertreff (German: Frequent Flyer Meeting)
VFTVisual Function Tester
VFTVirtual Function Table
VFTVirtual Fabric Trunking
VFTVenus Fly Trap (dionaea muscipula)
VFTVision for Tomorrow
VFTVeterans in Film and Television
VFTVariable Frequency Transformer
VFTVerification Flight Test (US NASA)
VFTVogel-Fulcher-Tamman (polymer science equation)
VFTVirtual Finish Time (computing)
VFTVinyl Floor Tile
VFTVintage Flat Tracker (motorcycling)
VFTVirtual Flight Test
VFTVariable-Frequency Train (physical therapy)
VFTVisual Function Test (in space)
VFTVisual Field Test
VFTVertical Fibre Technology (cushions)
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Visual field tests were divided into six categories: no abnormality, decreased retinal sensitivity, paracentral scotoma, concentrically narrowed visual field, arch scotoma, and quadrant irregularities.
All of the patients had performed the following examination preoperatively including: orbital computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), visual acuity, Goldmann visual field test, orbital color Doppler flow imaging (CDI) test (CRA; peak systolic velocity [PSV] value).
However, for individuals who are at high risk for glaucoma, such as those with a family history of glaucoma, the visual field test may be useful.
They noticed irregularities across the back of both eyes when I did the visual field test.
The Ceeable Visual Field Analyzer (CVFA) is a visual field test that can detect, classify, and monitor degenerative eye disease using only a tablet.
Visual field test One eye is kept closed and the other is fixed on a central target.
The study tested profoundly deaf children (aged five to 15 years) using a self-designed visual field test, and compared this to age-matched hearing controls as well as to deaf and hearing adult data.
An automated visual field test was performed to investigate the visual field defects that the patient complained of.
Indeed, while tonometry and optic nerve assessment are useful for assessing the risk of glaucoma (and/or progression) and detecting optic nerve damage, it is the visual field test that tells the clinician how well the patient sees; perhaps the main concern of a patient undergoing investigation.