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VBFVietnam Business Forum
VBFVital Business Function (ITIL Availability Management Term)
VBFVeterinary Benevolent Fund (UK;established 1897)
VBFVirtual Boyfriend
VBFVery Best Friend
VBFBombing Fighting Squadron (Navy unit designation used from 1945 to 1946)
VBFNavy Bomber-Fighter Squadron (US Navy)
VBFNavy Bombing-Fighting Aircraft (US Navy)
VBFVikingland Band Festival (Alexandria, MN)
VBFVehicle Base Facility
VBFVlaamse Bergsportfederatie (Belgium)
VBFVinegar Brewers' Federation (London, UK)
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Framing his analysis in the context of established business principles, Canton skillfully interweaves scholarly references and samples of real-world forms and reports to present guard force management as a vital business function.
CS Compliance Systems LLC developed CannaScore, which is configured to examine a wide range of vital business functions, as well as compliance to state and local regulations.
The airline plans to deploy the enterprise resource planning application SAP ERP together with a range of cloud-based products across its vital business functions, including human resources, finance, procurement and supply management and business intelligence.
Security and governance have become vital business functions.
One of the most immediate is making sure that vital business functions get carried over from the old system - whatever it is - to the new one, with as little disruption as possible.