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VRVirtual Reality
VRVery Respectfully (closing salutation)
VRVisual Reality
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon)
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon camera technology)
VRVerona (Italy)
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VRVideo Recorder
VRVirgin Racing (Formula One racing team)
VRVoice Recognition
VRVacation Rentals
VRVelvet Revolver (band)
VRVital Records
VRVoltage Regulator
VRVelocity Relative
VRValid Reason
VRVictorian Railways (former government owned railway of the state of Victoria in Australia)
VRVideo Relay
VRVooray (apparel)
VRVerwaltungsrat (German: Board of Directors)
VRVoter Registration
VRVariable Resistor
VRRotation Speed (aviation)
VRVoice Response
VRVideo Rentals
VRVoltage Reference
VRVocationally Registered (doctors; Australia)
VRVentricular Tachycardia
VRVéhicule Récréatif (French: Recreational Vehicle)
VRVirtual Router
VRVascular Resistance
VRVertical Resolution
VRVista Ready (software)
VRVacation Resort
VRVolume Reduction
VRVictoria Regina (Queen Victoria)
VRVanilloid Receptor
VRTransport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVolunteer Reserve (RAF)
VRFleet Logistics Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1976 to present)
VRVirtual Reconstruction
VRVariable Reward (incentive)
VRVeiligheidsrapport (Dutch: Safety Report)
VRValve-Regulated (battery)
VRVoluntary Redundancy
VRVisiting Researcher
VRVoltage Relay
VRVisual Route
VRVendor Relations
VRVoltage Rectifier
VRValtion Rautatiet (Railways of Finland)
VRVoyage Repair
VRVacuum Residue
VRVitrinite Reflectance
VRVasomotor Rhinitis
VRAir Transport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVerb Root
VRVulnerability Report
VRVocal Resonance
VRVisit Request
VRVoluntary Restraint
VRVulnerability Reduction
VRVirtual Repository
VRVariability Reduction
VRVertical Rescue
VRVertical Riser (telephone systems grounding)
VRUrbs Roma (Latin: City of Rome, epigraphy)
VRFleet Tactical Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1958 to 1976)
VRVirtual Recorder
VRV Rotate
VRHeading to A Radial
VRVFR Military Training Route
VRVariability Ratio
VRVehicle Representative
VRVirtual Radiography
VRVelocity Rotate (aviation)
VRVoltage Regulating Transformer
VRVertical Replication
VRVisa Revocation (US immigration)
VRFleet Logistic Air Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVentilation and Radiation
VRVolksbanken Raffeisenbanken
VRVital Resolution (gaming team)
VRVane Rate
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Vital Records also implemented a centralized office supply inventory system and continued the expansion, modernization, and training of employees in the Laserfiche record storage program.
You are hereby notified that the Vermont Office of Purchasing and Contracting on behalf of the Health Department has issued an RFP entitled: Vital Records (Births & Marriages), Death and Birth Certificates Civil Marriage Licenses/Certificates.
Upon introduction of the system, 60 district vital records offices throughout the country will be automated.
Having reliable, secure and clear vital records is no luxury.
At the end of this period, I take ten minutes to show the class how the names we found in probate inventories can be cross-referenced to the data contained in the vital records for Essex County, which are found online under "Massachusetts Vital Records 1600-1849.
Ebert says that this helped the company improve customer retention and enabled World Vital Records to build functionality into the user interface to make end-user searches even more productive.
Since the election in November, employees at the Cook County Vital Records department have been unofficially looking for birth certificates coming from hospitals that list Barack as a first or middle name.
30--about 7 percent of the 8,793 traditional marriage licenses issued during the same period, according to an online search of the state's division of vital records.
The Lane County Vital Records program will change in April and will be limited to printing and selling birth certificates only for births that have occurred during the previous six months.
On pages 286 and 287, in each case, the source for the death records of Johial Chase, Hersey Crowell, and Isaac Dunham Kelley should read, "Massachusetts Vital Records: Dennis 1710-1890 (Oxford, Massachusetts: Holbrook Research Institute, Archive Publishing, 1986)" rather than "Massachusetts Vital Records.
With editions dating back to the 1800s, SmallTownPapers' archive is available online through a distribution partnership with World Vital Records Inc.