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VKAVereinigung der kommunalen Arbeitgeberverbände (Germany)
VKAVitamin K Antagonist
VKAVerband Kaufmännischer Agenten Der Schweiz (Association of Swiss Commercial Agents)
VKAVictorian Karting Association (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
VKAVeronica's Kissing Army (fan club)
VKAVolatile Keying Assembly
VKAVerdonck Klooster Associates BV (Zoetermeer, Netherlands)
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Antithrombotic drugs were also associated with an increased risk of death from a subdural hemato ma within 30 days after discharge for the hematoma's diagnosis, an effect most evident with a direct oral anticoagulant or vitamin K antagonist.
Findings from the study suggest that apixaban may be a safe alternative to vitamin K antagonists or clopidogrel and aspirin in this population (N.
Long-term treatment with idraparinux is as effective as vitamin K antagonists for preventing thromboembolism in patients with atrial fibrillation, but it causes significantly more bleeding.
The PIONEER AF-PCI study (an open-label, randomized, controlled, multicentre study exploring two treatment strategies of rivaroxaban and a dose-adjusted oral vitamin K antagonist treatment strategy in patients with atrial fibrillation who undergo percutaneous coronary intervention) will include approximately 2,100 patients worldwide.
Heneghan and his colleagues looked at time to death, first major hemorrhage, and first thromboembolic event in patients self-monitoring or under conventional care with warfarin and other vitamin K antagonists.
For patients with idiopathic VTE, consider longterm treatment with a vitamin K antagonist to decrease the risk of recurrent VTE.
Vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin can be problematic in people with AF because of an unpredictable therapeutic effect and a need for frequent coagulation monitoring.
The investigators were able to reproduce the rule by applying it to data from two randomized controlled trials that compared a low-molecular-weight heparin with a vitamin K antagonist, Dr.
Patients who require surgery for hip fracture should receive anticoagulant prophylaxis with fondaparinux, LMWH, LDUH, or adjusted-dose vitamin K antagonist (target INR 2.
A total of 158 patients received treatment with standard vitamin K antagonist or antiplatelet medications, while 150 received percutaneous closure with occlusive devices placed under local anesthesia (J.
Another important finding was that excessive uterine bleeding was more than twice as common among women taking rivaroxaban as among those taking enoxaparin plus vitamin K antagonists.