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VLDBVery Large Database(s)
VLDBVolume Location Database
VLDBVery Large Data Base Endowment, Inc.
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And while this glance into the crystal ball might prove uncomfortable for some, for VLDB - Very Large Data Base - it is utopia, because the Fleet Street-based firm is in the vanguard of processing and handling all manner of data for an impressive array of commercial including Yodel, Shop Direct and Genting Casinos locally, as well as Lloyds Bank, Barclays, Vodafone, Credit Suisse and the VW Group on a wider basis.
Based on the survey results, the company projects usage and trends of VLDB technology and products.
Council, by a vote of 17 For, 0 Opposed, 1 Abstention, granted SIGMOD, SIGBDP, and other SIGS an exception to Council policy to allow cooperation with the VLDB Endowment by being cooperating sponsors of the VLDB 87 Conference and cosponsors of the VLDB 88 Conference.
The ability to effectively deploy and manage a VLDB requires storage that is flexible and easy to manage, and the MAGNITUDE not only meets these requirements but as the proof-of-concept demonstrates, exceeds them.
One of its vehicles for achieving its objectives is the sponsorship and support of the annual VLDB conference, a premier annual international forum for database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers and users.
The TPC is a co-sponsor of VLDB 2009, and conference registration information is available at www.
Companies are frequently challenged to rapidly analyze new data sets due to the computational barriers associated with VLDBs.
0 represents the first commercially available database that is scalable for Exabyte-level VLDB customers who are building today's mission-critical data fusion applications for finding the "needle in the haystack.
0 represents the first time a commercially available database is available for VLDB customers who are building Exabyte-level mission-critical data fusion applications to find the "needle in the haystack.
IRI customers are involved in data warehouse ETL, VLDB reorgs, reporting, mainframe migration, and application development on UNIX/LINUX and Windows platforms.
Through 2010, we expect the market for data analysis to experience significant growth as VLDB requirements are increasingly becoming a fact of life for all organizations regardless of size," said Charlie Garry, senior program director, META Group.
0 represents the first time a commercially available database will be available to enable Exabyte-level VLDB customers to build mission-critical data fusion applications to find the "needle in the haystack.