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VLEVirtual Learning Environment (system for development of online education materials)
VLEVirtual Learning Environment
VLEVapor Liquid Equilibrium
VLEValeur Limite d'Exposition (French: threshold limit value ceiling)
VLEMaximum Landing Gear Extended Speed (aviation)
VLEVehicle Line Executive
VLEVariable Length Encoding
VLEVapor Levitation Epitaxy (semiconductors)
VLEVery Light Expeditionary (Marine Corps; Expeditionary Fire Support System)
VLEVessel Life Extension
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There are many different VLEs, Moodle is one of the most popular because it is free, but it needs some expertise to set up; others produced by publishing, media or IT companies come at a price but are simpler for schools with limited IT support.
In the same manner as the Shareable Content Object, the Grouped Learning Object represents the lowest level of granularity that can be tracked by the VLE or LMS which is the term used by SCORM (ADL, 2001).
For example, students that use VLEs can easily move their portfolios between schools, while keeping their work intact.
2) A VLE allows the student to control the learning process.
Many international students are used to using VLEs from their earlier studies in their home institutions, but those typically use a number of different VLEs, while only one VLE is available at the studied institution.
She said that the VLE also included a Fun Learning Activity added on the first day of the snow which had numerous activities based on the theme.
VLE access is available to all parents, pupils and staff.
most VLE platforms, for the e-submission of coursework.
Aligning design with the VLE structure in North America let the VLE (Vehicle Line Executive) walk in to one studio and see the trade-offs of doing three vehicles on one architecture," he says.
No VLE data were found in the literature [3, 4] for the ternary system mentioned and for two constituent binaries containing hexan-2-one.