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VLOGVideo Blog
VLOGVideo Web Log (video blog)
VLOGVillage Light Opera Group, Ltd. (since 1935; New York City)
VLOGVast Lands of Grandia (online role playing game)
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It was a trip to Disneyland that led Andi the idea to create a vlog and find out just how much she loves producing the videos.
Those chosen will receive training, equipment, funding and advice to launch their own YouTube vlogs. For more information visit www.channelmum.com/new-talent Are you a Welsh mam who already vlogs?
Some of Alfie's most popular vlogs include jokes about the daftest social media posts he for offering advice and help to his youthful audience.
KRISTEL FULGAR and Big Boss in a vlog (Screengrab from YouTube)
"You know what, I'm just really thankful that he was down for the vlog," Wil toldPhilstar.
"It's such a challenge for me because I have binge eating disorder," she reveals in her (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYqP4vTIloM) vlog.
I chi iwdiwbwyr, fydd dim angen egluro beth ydy cadw vlog ...
The 12 vlog series recording James' discovery was produced by Growth Media Services, and is the prequel to the upcoming web series Shotgun Mythos.
Vlogging is a way to challenge herself to do something different, she stated in her first vlog. It was something she never thought she would do, she said, but she realized that it is another way to connect with her fans.
The speakers, Omni & Bryce of the #TheClingyFam, talked about how to vlog and create your own video channel.