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Even Gamlin Whiskey House, with a list of 400 whiskeys, goes through two cases of vodka every week, he adds.
Lunya and 30 James Street are stocking the vodka, and samples were given out at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.
SNM Global Holdings will provide funding and promotions to further enhance and expand the Game Vodka products.
Ahead of National Vodka Day, here are four vodkas to try.
Black cites studies that show American brands driving segment growth, and Skyy Vodka is growing at nearly 5% ahead of the category as a whole.
To the uninitiated, vodka seems like an uncomplicated proposition.
CH@T vodka is an ultra-premium vodka that is 6X distilled and ultrasonically processed to eliminate harsh congeners and increase purity.
A drinker claimed she was violently sick after sipping Glen's Vodka - made in Ayrshire from sugar beet.
TIP OF THE MONTH ZUBROWKA wasn't allowed to be imported into America because a naturally-occurring chemical from the bison grass that goes into making the vodka is prohibited as a food additive by the U.
Before it went global, vodka was bound to Russian culture for at least six centuries, according to Patricia Herlihy, author and history professor emeritus at Brown University.
Phillips is widely recognized as an industry leader, introducing Phillips Vodka, one of America's first vodka brands, in 1947 and inventing America's first flavored vodkas in 1950.
Birmingham City Council's Trading Standards team issued the warning after finding bottles of the booze, called Drop Vodka, on sale at corner shops, petrol stations and small independent retailers across the city.