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VoLTEVoice over Long Term Evolution (wireless networking)
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The VoLTE service makes use of Smile's own IMS technology and Alcatel-Lucent has carried out network integration, project management and testing activities to prepare the network for this launch.
For these tests we used three different smartphones - a Galaxy S6 (Samsung chipset and VoLTE solution), a Galaxy S5 (Qualcomm chipset and VoLTE solution) and an iPhone 5 smartphone.
Within the next month VoLTE functionality will be added to additional devices, and we expect usage will grow rapidly as more and more handset manufacturers include the functionality.
Also, DOCOMO and Verizon achieved the world's first transoceanic high-definition VoLTE roaming calls.
Infonetics research indicates that while the number of VoLTE networks in early 2014 was only eight, this number should have reached 38 with over 50 million subscribers by the end.
Leading infrastructure vendors such as Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) are fully committed to VoLTE and IMS space and equip customers with this next wave in mobile broadband.
Along with VoLTE, Verizon has also enhanced the quality of audio for phone calls.
In the VoLTE world, there are no voice calls in the traditional sense of the word, as all activates -- right from browsing the net, using apps or making voice calls -- are treated as variations of using the mobile data connection.
With VoLTE, we will be exploiting the full potential of 4G
VoLTE enabled mobile phones and tablets that use HD audio (AMR-Wideband) codecs will require connectivity with GSM, CDMA or PSTN endpoints that use legacy codecs including AMR Narrowband (AMR-NB), EVRC or G.
This SBC solution can be deployed for either Access or Interconnect SBC use cases, with full support for VoLTE and RCS deployments, and has been in trials with operators in Europe and US throughout this year.
Mohammad Abdul Qadir, Director, Mobile Core for Etisalat, said earlier that more smart phones that support LTE and VoLTE along with the implementation of CSFB and SRVCC will provide a platform for commercial and technical readiness.