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VKSVocabulary Knowledge Scale (Wesche and Paribakht)
VKSVanuatu Kaljoral Senta (Bislama: Vanuatu Cultural Center)
VKSVirginia Ki Society (est. 1974)
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After one week of learning, all participants were tested to evaluate their knowledge of the target words by utilizing a modified vocabulary knowledge scale. This assessment tool has been used in Zou (2017), and the same grading criteria used by Zou (2016) were employed to mark the post-test.
A Comparative study on various vocabulary knowledge scales for predicting vocabulary pre-knowledge.
The resulting 64 words were administered to the students in the format of Vocabulary Knowledge Scale [18].
To measure students' initial familiarity with the target words, vocabulary knowledge scale developed by Paribakht and Wesche [18] was adopted for the pretest.
Thus, all posttests included two sections, including a Vocabulary knowledge scale section as receptive posttest (RPT) and a productive test section as productive posttest (PPT).
Two weeks later, the Vocabulary Knowledge Scale (VKS) (Paribakht & Wesche, 1996, 1997) was also administered to measure incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading in three testing sessions immediately after inferencing (VKS1).
Paribakht and Wesche's (1997) Vocabulary Knowledge Scale (VKS)
Noteworthy in this context is how the vocabulary knowledge scale (VKS) test (Paribakht & Wesche, 1997) can potentially add another insightful dimension to this study.
For the purpose of this study, a modified version of the vocabulary knowledge scale (VKS) was used.
The vocabulary knowledge scale (VKS) was used in pre-testing and posttesting to evaluate the participants' vocabulary capabilities.
The second topic in the article is testing depth of vocabulary knowledge, using methods such as the word associates format and the Vocabulary Knowledge Scale to assess how well particular words are known by learners.