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VRCVictoria Racing Club (Australian horseracing club)
VRCVertical Reciprocating Conveyor
VRCVietnam Red Cross (also seen as VNRC)
VRCVolunteer Reception Center (various locations)
VRCVario Research Car
VRCVoice Routing Center
VRCViewing Reference Coordinate
VRCVirtual Reference Collection
VRCVertical Redundancy Character
VRCFleet Logistics Support Squadron (US Navy designation for naval aviation transport unit)
VRCVaccine Research Center (National Institutes of Health)
VRCVirtual Research Community
VRCVocational Rehabilitation Counselor
VRCVertical Redundancy Check
VRCVolunteer Resource Center (various organizations)
VRCVirac, Philippines (Airport Code)
VRCVocabulary and Reading Comprehension (education)
VRCVannes Rétromobile Club (French automobile club)
VRCVeteran Reserve Corps (Civil War)
VRCValley Running Club
VRCVirtual Radiologic Corporation (Eden Prairie, MN)
VRCVancouver Rowing Club (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
VRCVirtual Resource Center
VRCVoltage Reflection Coefficient (physics)
VRCVoter Rights Coalition (various locations)
VRCVirtual Reality Cave (digital lab; Ford)
VRCVehicle Research Center (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)
VRCValley Resource Center (California)
VRCFleet Tactical Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1960 to 1976)
VRCValve Repair Council
VRCVirtual Robot Controller
VRCVehicular Radio Communications
VRCVision Resource Centre (various locations)
VRCVolunteer Rifle Corps (British Army)
VRCVallespir Rétro Course (French car club)
VRCVesta Rowing Club (Putney, London, UK)
VRCVirtualization Resource Center (IBM)
VRCVoluntary Repatriation Center
VRCView Reference Coordinate (computer system)
VRCVirtual Redundancy Check
VRCVariable Rate Coding
VRCVisitor Reception Center
VRCVisual Record Computer
VRCValidation Review Committee
VRCVector to Raster Converter
VRCVPN Routing and Forwarding
VRCVilleda Racing Club (Guatemala)
VRCVendor Response Card
VRCVertical Record Check
VRCVendor Report Card (Sprint)
VRCVirtual Reality Consortium
VRCVirtual Radical Collocation
VRCVapor Recovery Compressor
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Three researcher-developed measures were used to examine outcomes for vocabulary and reading comprehension. First, the Prefix Word Assessment (PWA) was used to measure participants' knowledge of known root words when a prefix is added to the word.
This study reports vocabulary and reading comprehension instructional practices implemented in middle and high school social studies and language arts classrooms.
Testing on vocabulary and reading comprehension was conducted in December, January, and February for 30 of the children selected from a larger sample, while 18 additional children (38% of the sample) were tested in June.
Establishing that ART is effective for vocabulary and reading comprehension would add ecological validity to this study.
Vocabulary and reading comprehension: The nexus of meaning.
However, as Anderson and Freebody (1981) noted, one of the most consistent findings in L1 reading research has been the high correlation between vocabulary and reading comprehension. Thus pre-teaching vocabulary may be more successful if the words to be taught are key words from the target passage.
A review of the literature on effective practices for teaching vocabulary to ELLs revealed the learning predicament faced by these students, the need for continued attention toward vocabulary development, the importance of vocabulary breadth and depth, strategies for teaching vocabulary, and the important link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.
They can gain self-confidence while enhancing skills in phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The device, which can be integrated into any curriculum, features a nested dictionary, provides synonyms of scanned words and translates words into 25 different languages to support students with definitions in their native language while they develop their English language skills.
In the first study, Anders, Bos, and Filip (1984) compared the effectiveness of SFA and a traditional vocabulary look-up activity on content-related vocabulary and reading comprehension performance of 64 students with learning disabilities.
Studies that included separate measures for vocabulary and reading comprehension were included.
The research addressed this need by testing the effects of a full, one- and two-year implementation of "EOR-V" on both vocabulary and reading comprehension. The specific purpose of the proposed presentation is to report estimates of the proximal effects of "EOR-V" on vocabulary and listening or reading comprehension as evaluated at the end of the first year of the two-year intervention.
The difference in the percentages of fifth grade European Americans and Hispanic students who were in the low initial overall vocabulary and reading comprehension in the experimental and non-specific treatment conditions was statistically significant ([X.sup.2] = 7.73, 2, N = 25, p < .05).