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VOCSVolatile Organic Compounds
VOCSVulcan Owners Club Spain
VOCSVisualization of Complex Systems (project; University of Bergen; Norway)
VOCSVictims of Crime Service (Australia)
VOCSVerbal Orders of the Chief of Staff
VOCSVariable Offset Cumulative Spectrum
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However, formation of secondary VOCs occurs in later stages of the product life cycle.
ACA's AIM VOC Committee tracks and provides comments on federal, state, and local AIM VOC regulations.
All of these products are tinted on Benjamin Moore's proprietary zero-VOC Gennex colorant platform, which ensures VOCs are not added back into the final product once they are tinted.
A diversified portfolio of new flexible PVC compounds for indoor construction products boasts up to 90% lower VOC emissions than standard PVCs.
Cooling energy is supplied by liquid nitrogen through cold gas technology, which condenses VOCs from the vent stream.
The update states that storage tanks used in oil or natural gas production and transmission, and have the potential to emit six or more tons of VOCs a year, must control VOC emissions by 95 percent within a certain timeframe.
A probabilistic neural network (PNN) was used to identify the pattern of VOCs that better discriminated between the two groups.
Scientists have found that even very low levels of some VOCs seem to bother people with asthma and respiratory conditions.
Some VOCs are even known to be carcinogenic, like benzene in tobacco smoke, perchloroethylene (aka "perc") in dry-cleaning fluid, methylene chloride in paint strippers, and formaldehyde in pressed wood products like particleboard.
Considering that most building materials are porous, it is necessary to provide indices that can reflect the dynamic process of VOCs inside the material as well as the sink capacity and strength.
Old guard AFM SAFECOAT AFM paved the road for toxin-free paints 25 years ago [long before most people knew what VOC was] and is still a reliable choice.
ENERGY RESOURCE-24 February 2009-Bio-Reaction Industries Helps Toyota Reduce VOC Emissions(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.