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VRBVanadium Redox Battery
VRBVodka Red Bull (alcoholic drink)
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VRBVerein Region Bern (German: Club Bern Region; Bern, Germany)
VRBVero Beach, FL, USA - Vero Beach Municipal (Airport Code)
VRBVariable Reenlistment Bonus
VRBVevey Riviera Basket (Swiss basketball club)
VRBVirginia Regional Ballet (Williamsburg, VA)
VRBVolume Related Bonus
VRBValidation Review Board
VRBVoice Rotating Beacon
VRBVehicle Replica Buffer
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It would be traditional to order a Vodka Red Bull at the bar.
He serves Raspberry Spice (with a hint of almond and cinnamon), Banana Colada, Mint Mojita and Halal (non-alcoholic) Vodka Red Bull.
Gloucester magistrates heard that Ferry's friends bought him treble vodka Red Bull drinks, but he believed he was drinking single shots.
The inquest heard how Tom, England bowler Jade Dernbach and former Surrey captain, Rory Hamilton-Brown, had downed up to 15 drinks including beer, shots and vodka Red Bull LAST CALL J from 7.
Paul Jamieson downed a can of Vodka Red Bull and a can of lager at a friend's house.
I'm normally a Vodka Red Bull man, but after being on a diet for the last three months, I've tried to cut back on that and now enjoy Mexican beer Sol.
The woman, who had drunk 12 double vodka Red Bull drinks, was excitable and told the two officers she couldidentify the men if she saw them again.
The Tuesday night "specials" offered 50p drinks which included Sambuca and Tequila, as well as cheap vodka Red Bull and beer.
After that, tipples such as vodka Red Bull extreme, Jagger Bombs and bottles of continental lager are also discounted.
It carried out a survey which analysed the price of a round including a pint of lager and bitter, a bottle of Budweiser, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, a coke and a vodka Red Bull.